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Whats the best for supplement for gaining a little size and strength?


Golf is my main sport, save the sarcasim. I want to gain strength, thats obvious, and a little bit of size. I'm 5'7"ish, 158lbs and about 10% BF I believe. I do want a little size but not to the point of having it get in the way of my swing. Not because of flexibility but because of range of motion, mostly the chest, big legs and a big back for a golf swing never hurt. I already talked to CT about exercises and routines I should be doing so I'm ok there but I never asked him about sups. What supplement(s) should I be taking. Currently I'm taking Grow, Protein and ZMA (love the deep sleep). I ordered Hot Rox, Surge, ProLab Creatine, ProLab Protein (to make sure I meet my protein requirements) and a multi vitamin. Is there anything I should add or take away? Obviously I wouldnt be using Grow and Surge at the same time but I wanted to see what all the buzz is surrounding Surge. I was thinking of a Mag-10, Tribex and M cycle to gain some size but so far have seen nice results with Grow. Maybe next winter I'll give that stack a try.

My diet is cool, sometimes (the weekend) I have the late night chocolate craving. Entemmens chocolate covered donuts are my weekness. But for the most part its good.

I think I got the avenue's covered for the most part but I don't know if I'm missing something or overdoing something. Sometimes its hard to find faults when you think its already right to begin with.


WOW did I fail english with that fucking header!


The best supplements for you would be Surge to potentiate the training effect and Power Drive. Power Drive will be especially effective during your season, I can't stress that enough!

I understand not wanting to get too big since I used to be a competitive golfer myself, but had to give it up once I reached 200lbs; in fact I come from a golfing family. My brother is playing University golf and my father used to be president of the local country club.

Anyway... If all you want is a little help gaining some muscle, all that's really necessary is a product such as Surge for your post-workout needs and a good protein powder. Creatine is OUT OF QUESTION since it might increase intramuscular pressure which could have a negative effect on your swing.

You could always add Tribex, I love Tribex not only for the increase in physique and performance it gives, but also because I find it to be an effective "mood enhancer". It will also allow you to build a little more mass naturally.


Thanks CT for the reply. When you say creatine is out of the question were you talking about during the season or out of the question completely? Hey if $urge and some protein are the only thing I need then that saves some $$$ that I would spend on the other stuff and be able to put it towards $urge. I should always be taking a Multi-Vitamin correct? Should fish oil also be a main stay? I wanna take 2 bottles of Hot Rox to cut some fat before the season which is only 3 cold, long, drawn out, months away :frowning: