Whats the best exercise for Rotator Cuff?

I took Truth’s advice and stopped bench pressing and hope to return in
4-6 weeks time benching a lot heavier. In the mean time i want to
strengthen all other body parts in order to get me bench press numbers
up. One of those body parts are the Rotator Cuff’s and i need some good
exercises to really strengthen them as i have heard they really help in
bench press.

The easiest way I have found is to straddle and sit down on one end of a flat bench, facing the long end of the remaining part of the bench.
For the right arm, prop your right foot up on the bench. Prop your right elbow up on your right knee as if you were going to arm wrestle someone. The movement is just the opposite of arm wrestling. Start with your arm rotated fully down, dumbbell on the bench, with your forearm pointed straight down, vertically. Raise the dumbbell up through 180 degrees of shoulder rotation, until your forearm is pointing straight up. Switch legs and arms to do the left side.
I like to throw these in between sets of something on leg day. I’ll frequently use the flat bench press bench, and lean back against the bar to support my upper body. - Nylo

There’s a lot of exercises out there that work to improve / strengthen your rotator cuff. Personally I like a light weight Cuban Press switching between dumbbell and barbell. You grip the weights and raise them in front of you, your arms should be parellel to the ground with you arms bent at a 90’ angle. Then, you move the weight upward toward you head so that you foreams are vertical (the elbows are to be kept at a 90’ angle). The forearms are then rotated back down into the starting position and the movement is repeated. I suggest a 202 tempo making sure not to pause during the exercise. Preform 4 set of 8-10 reps starting off with light weight and adjusting accordingly. I started off with 5lbs dumbbells and now a year later I still only use 35-45lbs
and after a couple weeks I moved onto the barbell lifting just the bar. Remember not to ego lift with this one because it can cause serious damage to your rotator cuff but preformed correctly can be one of the most efficent ways to strengthening it. Although some might disagree that this is the most effective rotator cuff exercise it works for me and that’s what counts.

See if you can get a copy of Ian King’s presenytation at the S.W.I.S. conference in October 2000 in Toronto. He did an awesome seminar on shoulder strengthening that really helped my rotators and many of my clients.