What's the Best Cycle for Sust, DecaMax & Clen?

Im not new to using roids, but what would be the best cycle for Sus 400 (which I’venever taken before), DecaMax 300, & Clenbuterol 40mcg ( I’ve never tried before)?

I’ve always stuck with Deca & Test Cyp so now I would like any advice how I should stack this.


It wont let me reply to your? or give me a reply option!!!

I meant DECA MIX 350

Why don’t you just stack it like you did prior? Sustanon is just multi ester test.
You don’t mention what your goals are? I assume growing?
Clen has no part here. It should be used in a contest prep situation in the final weeks to aid in getting the last little bit of fat off.



What is DecaMax?

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Prolly just the name the UGL gives it.
Would assume nandrolone 300mg/ml

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UGLs tend to add stuff to the name. Like “-abolic” , “-max” , “-mix”. Idk, maybe it has smth to do with legality issues.

I dont understand the role of clen in a mix with deca.

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Is DecaMix350 just 350mg/cc nandrolone decanoate or is it a mix of NPP & deca or deca & test or something?

NPP needs more frequent injections

Also, if the sust 400 has a lot of short ester test, you’ll want to increase injection frequency. I like EOD injections with sust 250, but if the sust 400 has an even larger amount of prop that becomes even more important

Why the clen? Is this a cut?

If this is a cut, why the nandrolone? You can use it but why would you?

What are your goals? Are you dialed in with dosages and cycle length?

What exactly do you want advice on?

People who buy something thats called “decamax” probably have no clue what they are buying… in my experience, only lack of knowledge leads to buying a product that has a weird name.