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Whats the best condom

I have a new girlfriend, and she wants me to put one of those latex device, I think they call them condoms. I know nothing about them, except that you can’t feel nothing when you wear one, and that you look like an idiot with that goo hanging from your penis when you’re done. T-Men, what brand of condoms do you use when you want the maximum feeling possible. I have to buy some tomorrow. Thanks a million!

Dude, don’t worry about not feeling anything. Just put on a rubber- any kind, and after a while, get in the doggy style position. She can’t see what you’re doing at that point, so quickly roll it off. Spit in your hand to lube it up, and slide it in. You will both feel it ten times better.

durex baby, durex.

I’ve never tried durex, but I plan on it soon. Right now, the best I have found is Trojan- Shared Sensation

Grandmaster, you’re an idiot. If she wants him to use condoms it may be for a REASON. Maybe she has something she doesn’t want to pass on? Maybe she doesn’t want to get pregnant?

Anyway, the bext comdoms out there are sheik elite and ramses extra. trojans have an almost 10% failure rate. Don’t say they don’t fit because as part of the seminars I used to give in college I regularly streched a condom over my closed fist and almost to my elbow. (By the way, condoms don’t protect against herpes or genetal warts.)

Michelle, you’re right. I don’t want the T- Dude getting D- Warts. Personally I haven’t used rubbers in 4 years cause I have a steady, but in your opinon, what are the most pleasurable condoms- for the female? Like- ribbed, studded, whatever. Any other female can throw in their 2 cents too. Also, jesus, how the hell did you get a trojan over your whole fist and up your arm. When I used to use them, it took like 2 minutes, and plenty of squeezing, and almost needing a crowbar to get it on and all the way up. Hope you didn’t stick it where it don’t belong, that might hurt :slight_smile:

OK if pregnancy is just the issue…use natural lambskin…FourX or Trojans naturals rule…they heat up with body temp. and feel as close to the real thing as your gonna get. If VD is a concern… best stay with the latex…but your right…at that point, why bother getting it on? You can’t feel anything anyway!! If I can’t use the lambskins…then for me, I would honestly rather not get it on…cause it is useless!


I agree that Grandmaster is a complete schmuck. However, on an unrelated note (and I’ve heard this argument used before), the fact that you can stretch a condom over your fist, or a cucumber or whatever people like to use in those demonstrations, does not prove that they FIT – it simply proves that women will never understand what guys are talking about on this matter. Yes, you can stretch it to ridiculous proportions and get it to technically “fit” over an extremely large object. But many guys (yes, even those who are “average” - I’m not making any claims of huge endowment here) find most condoms to be extremely tight, confining and uncomfortable, to the point where they often cut off the circulation to an extent - NOT a good side effect. When the skin on an area (in this case the penis) is white from the pressure being exerted on it (in this case by a condom), such as you would get a white imprint on your hand if you pressed on it with your finger for a few seconds, does that look to you like a sign of COMFORT? No. When the foreskin is practically PINNED back against the shaft and circulation is diminished, while discomfort is increasing, does this make for an ideal situation by which one can derive pleasure from the most pleasure-sensitive area of the male body? No indeed.

I’m not arguing with the importance of safe sex and the necessity of using condoms with someone that you don’t know EXTREMELY well, but please let us guys bitch and moan as we go about doing what we have to do (safely, I might add). It’s an unfortunate fact of male life these days.

AMEN Damci!! How many guys here end up with a limpie by the time your done rolling that choker collar around it? Nothing quite like it ladies…your all fired up, and as you roll…that sucker just chokes the life out of him, then your trying to work a wet noodle into the happy spot…aaaaaa! Then to try to feel ANYTHING?? forget it…like I said…I would abstain first…it just isnt worth it…not with latex…no way…no how!!

Trojan pleasure mesh is my choice if they are needed. Personally, since I’m married and have no risk of std’s I got on the pill so my man doesn’t have to use those dang plastic things. There are some great things about marriage :slight_smile:

I find Trojan Ultrathin to be the best. When I was in Japan, I found their condoms to be very thin, but the sensation was not any better because the material, though thinner, seems a bit less pliable. Also, not perpetuate racial stereotypes (I’m Asian myself), they were damn near impossible to put on–too damn tight!

Thank you everybody for your interest. I think I have to add more details here. My new girlfriend uses the pill (pretty sure about that). She is just well educated and very careful. I just came off of a 8.5 years relationship, and I’m not the type of guy to fool around. Plus, I had blood tests because of a new job in January and I’m Mr. Clean. My ex was not fooling around either. Obviously, some people will say you never know, but I know. I broke 2 condoms (they were pretty old) with her (my new girlfriend) and she didn’t panic. So probably she kinda trusts me, but still, she doesn’t want to take any chances and who can blame her. Actually, maybe she does that to protect ME! Who knows… Anyways, I have a problem with condoms because they tend to slip down on my penis and it is stretching to a point where it is unconfortable and painful. I just want to know a brand you guys like where I would feel more than just “some-kind-of-rubbing-against-the-wall”. I want to feel where my penis is without having to look. Thanks again! Very fun to read you too!

You’re right, I have no idea what it feels like. However, many brands come in ‘larger’ sizes. Sure they cost about a dollar a piece, but how much does a kid or a disease cost? Please don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t want to use them if I was a guy. Have you tried a female condom? They are supposedly not too bad.
Grandmaster - condoms can get HUGE with a bit of work, my hand is much less sensitive than a penis so it didn’t matter how tight it was. Look around on teh web, there is a company called condomania that has TONS of different brands. there is SURE to be one that fits!!!

I just don’t use condoms. Okay, I can’t lie. Whenever I meet someone, safe sex is top proirity. And for me, the only condom that fits me correctly are the Lifestyles. But they have to be the ones that are round when you buy them and not oval. The oval ones are extremely uncomfortable.

Once things are rolling and we are monogomous as well as tested, the condom is shed and it’s all about natural doggy-style humping!

Ok, so does everybody gives a thumb up to Trojan ultra-thin?

Okay, I’m not trying to say I’m huge or anything but I’ve found Trojan Large andr Magnum Condoms to fit the best. They are still pretty snug, but I don’t get that ring-around-the-penis red mark from regular condoms which are too tight. I’ve also found that they allow pretty good sensitivity. Nothing beats riding bareback, but when you’ve got to be careful, I’d go with them. Michelle, when I was in college, I was part of an AIDS education group. Our coordinator (and also my Human Sexuality professor) stretched a condom over her foot and halfway up her leg. Once again, THEY can stretch, but its not too comfortable if you’re decently endowed.

Wow, what a relief. I thought there was something wrong with me when I didn’t feel squat with a rubber on!! My girlfriend cannot handle the pill so I don’t have a choice. I’ve tried a lot of different brands but they all suck in different ways mentioned here. DAMMIT! Trojan ultrathin is not good in my opinion. Although thin I think it’s made with a different material that doesn’t let the heat “thru”. I haven’t tried lambskin cuz my girlfriend says they are not safe in terms of birth control. Is this true? What do you guys know about that? f***ing condoms.

Whopper - I’m with ya bud. She’d better be ready to get to the moon and back in about 30 seconds flat, 'cos that’s about as long as Mr. Woody’s gunna be around once I put his rain coat on…

Mmmmm… so I think the message here is condom sucks no matter the brand or thickness. Maybe it’s only a marketing scam. Actually, the only time I wore condoms is for a short period of time when I was 17 (I’m almost 32 now), so obviously I’m used to the soft and warm feeling we all love. But nevertheless, I maintained my erection for about 2.5 hours, God knows how, even if it was 3-6 am. My conclusion is this: I’ll wear’em because I think the girl more than deserves it. I will probably get used to it anyway… Let’s be T-Gentlemen here…

You shouldn’t have sex in her pussy unless you’re ready to have a baby.