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What's the Best Breakfast Meat?


I usually have sausage, Now I'm trying ham. Turkey sausage blows. What do you guys eat?


Have you seen the komodo dragon meat thread?




LMAO beat me too it.

Breakfast doesn't have to be different from any other meal as far as food selection goes according to your needs. You could have chicken for breakfast and eggs at dinner.




I don't know about bacon. You don't really get a lot of bang for your buck protein wise.


Your right but I would prefer not eating a dry protein at breakfast. Plus I still eat those types of meat at dinner. Chicken sausage is decent but they seem to fashion it as a dinner sausage. Steak tips would be good but I don't really want to light the grill in the morning.


SPAM!! haha just kidding


Aw fuck that. That's basically scraps of meat that they didn't want to put in hotdogs.

S.O.S (Shit On a Shingle) Recipe:
1. Get Toast
2. Apply scrapple
3. Eat
4. Shit your pants.


This may be true, but the taste! You could wrap anything in enough bacon and it would taste amazing.
Anyone remember the bacon weave thread?

My personal favorite meat is just tossing some diced ham or chunk light tuna into my morning spinach and cheese omelets.


Those Foster Farms 1lb ground turkey breast packages. One of those badboys with 4 wholes and 4 whites and 2 cups of oatmeal and I'm good to go.


I always have oats + shake in the morning. If I am bulking, i eat more oats and add milk.

Oats are the best!


Best breakfast meat?

Porkroll, shame it is not found anywhere else but jersey, and also the worst in nutrition.




Steak. Any cut.

Cubed steaks are especially easy to fry in a pan and usually pretty lean to boot (if they're made correctly). They taste great with onions and potatoes, too.


If you can find it, breakfast-style turkey sausage is amazing. You can also cook up some spicy italian turkey sausage, break it into bits, and make an omelet. The sausage on its own kinda sucks, but with egg it's damn tasty.

Personally I eat either eggs or turkey with some tomato sauce.


Bacon's overrated....


What do you guys do with your ground turkey?


Half a jar of marinara sauce. EVOO to finish with some extra spices (I don't heat the EVOO)


Here's my groundbreaking breakfasts:

Meal 1 (first breakfast):
8 oz tourist-fed Nile crocodile imported from Greece by my good friend Spiro Spilios
1 ultra-antioxidant-rich mango imported from DR by my good friend Carlos Mariduena
10 1-gram fish-oil capsules imported from my Norwegian friend Svend Quisling

Meal 2 (second breakfast)
8 oz IQ-enhancing omega-3-laden monkey brains from my African friend Mohammad Shabaz
1 large serving of spinach sauteed in two tablespoons Irish butter imported from my friend Frank Farrell
1 tablespoon macadamia oil imported from my South African friend Rich Strydom

The implementation of these two morning meals resulted in a 20-pound lean-mass gain in my good friend and champion dwarf thrower Hans Greigovich.