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What's the best arms program out there?

I’m looking for a new program to start in mid Aug. I’m looking for a program that focuses primarily on my arms and building them to hell and beyond! I want ripped, massive arms! Some have suggested to me to try the Ian King 12 week great guns program and some have suggested the Arms EDT program form this site.
Any feedback on which is better or others out there?

It really is an individual thing some would do better with edt and some would do better with great guns. Also if you wanted to you could check out Winning The Arms Race by CP. Its a six month arm specialization program plus he gives you a lot of general tips on training your arms.


I would have to go with Larry Scott’s time proven Biceps Tri-Set. It’s simple, but done correctly, really blast the bi’s:

1st Set: Heavy Dumbbell Preacher Curls (Heavy; may “cheat”. End with four burns.)

2nd Set: Wide-Grip Barbell Preacher Curls (Strict)

3rd Set: EZ curl bar,REVERSE, Heavy Cheat Curls (End with four burns.)

BRACHIALIS: Lat Machine Overhead Curls OR

Spider Bench Curls (End with 4 burns).

Good luck! The workout is a BURNER!

Great Guns by King is the most complete program I’ve seen and the best one I’ve used. I added about 3/4ths of an inch. Very good for someone who’s been in the game over 12 years with long arms.

Winning the Arms Race by Charles Poliquin is definitely the way to go. You can fit it int a workout plan much easier than Ian’s 12 week program, plus I think you will get better results with Poliquins methods.

If you want big arms, do deadlifts, squats, bent over bar rows, pull-ups, bench presses, dips, close grips benches, skullcrushers, concentration curls, and standing barbell curls.
Day 1: Chest & Tris
Day 3: 20 rep squats & 2 other assistance movements for legs, if desired.
Day 6: Deads, Back & Bis
Day 8: Repeat

Or you could do endless sets for arms and end up wasting your time. Your choice.

how many chins can you do with an extra 50lbs strapped on, and how many dips with an etra 75 or so? You want an extra 1 1/2" on your arms? you ready to gain about 20-25lbs overall weight? I am not 100% sure, but I thought that was the appr weight gain that Chucky P holds to. Up your chins and your dips. heavy deads too. Forget about “ya gotta take a weight and move in 60 degrees at a 1.25878 up, pause at the top, lower for 1.25 whatcha raise it, wait EXACTLY 93 seconds or until your pulse rate comes to within 25 beats exactly of your pre work set rate” All the wizardry in the world is crap, I am absolutely convinced. Eat clean, lift heavy, sleep well, and find a hobby outside of the hour in the gym MAX.

Great guns had way too much volume in my opinion. The way I read the workout anyhow… it was taking about an hour and a half to complete. However i think it had a lot of good principles, i would consider reducing it somehow.

Look guys, just trust me on this one…give EDT a legitimate effort for 8 weeks…follow my instructions to the letter, and that includes the supplements and the cryotherapy. You have NO IDEA the letters I’m getting from all over the World from people telling me that their arms are finally gorwing after years of trying everything else with no results. I literally just got off the phone with Patterson who told me that an experienced bodybuilder/gym owner friend of his in Florida gained 5/8 inch on his arms after doing EDT for 8 weeks, and this followed TEN YEARS of NO RESULTS using every other method you can think of.

Give it a try, you won't be dissapointed...

Charles, I’m in the middle of it now. I’ll let you know my results when I’m done.

What does EDT stand for? Where can I read this program?

EDT = Escalating Density Training. I just tested this myself, so go to the main magazine and type EDT in the search engine and all 3 of Charles’ articles will be right at the top.

Good lord, does anybody read the weekly mag anymore? EDT is Escalating Density Training. Search old issues for it.

ive just started the 12 weeks to greatguns program and what can i say its a killer.does anyone actually have the additional size gains recorded after the prog

I have done your general EDT program, and I have “enjoyed” the simplicity and results. The soreness on the other hand… I am going to start the arms specialization program next week. The struggle I am having is how to effectively do maintenance work for the rest of my upper body without stressing the biceps and triceps. My presses, pullups, rows…would continue to torture my arms. I understand the need to do less at more maximal weights, but what exercises are effective in maintaining without interferring with the specialization? I don’t want to take a step backward with the rest of my upper body for the sake of progress in arm size. Thanks for any help.

Here’s what you do: take a day, as far removed from the 2 arm days as possible, and use that for back/chest (for ex., if arms are Mon & Thurs, use Sat for back/chest). For lower body, there are 2 option. Ideally, i’d like to see you do 2 lower body sessions (they can be short) one quad-dominant and the other hip dominant), and do each workout the same day as the arm workout. My less favorite option is to do one leg workout a week, doing it on one of the arm days.

Therefore, your schedule might look like this:

Mon am: Lower body, hip dominant
Mon pm: EDT arms #1

Tues: OFF

Wed: OFF

Thurs am: Lower body, quad dominant
Thurs pm: EDT arms #2

Fri: OFF

Sat: Back/Chest

Sun: OFF

Enjoy your EDT experience!

What about changing it to a four days per week split such as:

Sunday: OFF

Monday: Arms

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Chest/Back, Hip Dominant

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Arms

Saturday: Quad Dominant, Calves, Abs

My thought is that there is some overlap between back and hip dominant training anyway, so one could legitimately cut back on back work a little to accomodate the addition. Plus, the arm program includes incidental chest work due to the close reverse grip bench press, so chest work could be cut back a little as well. Provided that both the Wednesday and Saturday workouts were under 16-18 sets, I’m sure that at least 60% of total volume could be devoted to arms.

On an unrelated note, I have a quick question about the ice massage: Should it take place immediately after the last set of arms, or can it wait five minutes until I get home? The reason I ask is that it’s going to be pretty tough for me to get access to ice at my gym, especially in the summer heat! Thanks in advance.

Thank you sir for your help. I will perform the workouts as you have suggested. I am looking forward to the results!

Last Wednesday I did an abbreviated EDT arm workout after my normal workout, just as an experiment. I supersetted hammer curls with decline DB extensions for 10 minutes. 3 days after I did this I was still sore. It’s Monday now. I took an arm measurement this morning and I’ve gained over 1/8th of an inch. It could just be the result of a new training stimulus, but I’m going to give this a try for a while and see what happens.

Here is a trainers thick. Get some small foam cups, fill them with water and freeze them. Keep them in your ice chest. As you massage the area, you can peel back the edges. The ice will also act to keep your food cold.