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What's the Best 2-Split Workout Routine?

What is the ultimate 2-split workout Routine? This is what I’ve made so far:

DAY 1: Chest,triceps and Shoulders.
Flat Benchpress
Incline Benchpress
Pec decs
Shoulder press
Side-lateral raises
French press
Overhead extensions

DAY 3: Back,Biceps and Legs
Lat pulldowns
Seated Row
Leg press
Leg curl and extensions
Barbell bicep-curl
Dumbbell alternate curls

I do 20 squats before each muscle-group workout, i’ve been told that this is an old method that will increase my gains. And i train for both strength and Size.

What do you think?? :slight_smile:

Okay, no offense, this is not so great…you’re doing too much and your lay out doesn’t make much sense. If you want to do a 2 day split, optimally shoot for upper body, lower body.

And focus on big ass movements. I wouldn’t waste time with lat pull downs, leg extensions, two bi’s and tri’s exercises, you’re over doing it. I’ve done this in the past and it has worked phenomenally. It’s a split, MON. TUES. WED-Off. THUR. FRI. Weekend off.

MON.(5x5) 2 minutes rest between sets
A1. Dumb-bell flat bench
A2. Wide grip pull-ups- get your chin over the bar, no half reps

B1. Incline barbell press
B2. Bent-over barbell row

C1. Weighted Dips
C2. Standing barbell curls

Abs if you like

Day 2- same rep scheme
A1. Back squat or Front Squat- touch your ass to the ground, no half rep shit. NO SMITCH MACHINE
A2. Standing barbell good mornings or hamstring curls

B1. Traditional deadlift or snatch grip deadlift
B2. Barbell or dumb bell lunges


that’s it my friend, don’t believe muscle and fitness thinking you need to do abillion exercises in order to achieve optimal size and strength. Focus on big ass core movements, lift heavy and with perfect form. And eat a lot. Do this. You will get big and strong.

I think it’s simply awesome…

It looks good, but theres a problem… At the gym i’m training at, there is no place i can do dips and chin ups! that’s why i don’t have these exercises :confused: The gym has alot of “sci-fi” machines and shit which sucks, but the good old exercises has been forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:

How about an anterior/posterior split


Push press
Flat bench press
Pec deck
BB curls
Front/Back squats (high reps 20)
Seated Calf raises


Lat pull downs
Seated rows
Close grip decline BP/french press
Side laterals
Stiff leg DL
Standing calve raises

I think this hits all the major muscles.

Why not try DC (Dogg Crapp) if you want to do a 2 way split? More info can be found at intensemuscle.com and this article from tmuscle http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_build_50_pounds_of_muscle_in_12_months

What about this 3-split? bad or good?

Day 1: Chest and Triceps
Flat Benchpress 5x5
Incline Benchpress/flyes 4x6-8
Pec dec/cable cross 3x10
Skullcrushers/pulldowns 4x6-8
Elbows out extension/overhead ext 3x8-10

Day 2: Legs and Shoulders
Squats 4x10
Leg press 3x10
Shoulder press/Military press 4x6-8
Side-lateral Raises 3x8-10
Shrugs 3x12

Dag 4: Back and Biceps
Rack Deadlift 5x10
Wide grip pulldowns 3x6-8
Bent over rows 3x6-8
Seated cable rows 3x6-8
Barbell bicep curls 4x6-8
Alternate bicep curls 3x6-8

sure, but do your deadlifts on legs. Forever I was doing them on back day and didn’t see much growth. Until I did them only on legs and I found that my mind muscle connection was much deeper and my form was much more solid. Doing deadlifts after squats, as crazy as it sounds, for me at least, will lead in greater hypetrophy due to the muscles involved in both exercises. Why don’t you do this…

Day1- Chest and Back
Dumbbell flat bench- 5x5
Incline barbell- 3x5
Decline fly’s- 3x10 (better than pec dec, alternative source to dips)
Bent-over dumbell rows- 5x5
Seated cable row- 5x5

Day2- Legs
Front or Back Squat- 5x5
Traditional or Snatch Grip Dead- 5x5
Good mornings- 3x10
Leg press (feet placed high)- 3x10

Day3- Shoulders, arms
Push press- 5x5
Dumbell lateral raise (standing or seated)- 3x10
Close grip bench press- 3x5
Skull crushers- 3x5
Standing barbell curls- 3x5
One arm dumbbell preacher curl- 3x5

p.s. does your gym have a smith machine? because if they did, put the bar up as high as it goes, and do your pull ups!!! if it does, then replace that with the cable rows

Yeah there is a Smith machine there :slight_smile: But wouldn’t the day3 workout affect my Chest workout? I Really wanna increase my bench press, cuz it’s not that good :confused: but at the same time i wanna have an overall strength and be muscular!

and huge arms :slight_smile:

[quote]hawaiilifterMike wrote:
Why not try DC (Dogg Crapp) if you want to do a 2 way split? More info can be found at intensemuscle.com and this article from tmuscle http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_build_50_pounds_of_muscle_in_12_months[/quote]

I’d rather see him on BBB at his stage… Bit early for DC by my guess.

think i want a 3-split, i’ve been doin that for a while. But a guy at my gym said that 3-split are just unnecessary and that i should move back to 2-splits !

[quote]Flip91 wrote:
think i want a 3-split, i’ve been doin that for a while. But a guy at my gym said that 3-split are just unnecessary and that i should move back to 2-splits ![/quote]

Well thats stupid to say. The funny thing is, the actual split you use is the LEAST important thing to consider when designing a workout. Its just a way of organizing things. Thats why its one of those “experimental” things to see which body parts you like to pair together, or keep separated.

agreed, don’t worry so much about what’s better or not in terms of organization, in reality, focus on getting stronger on the biggest lifts- deads, squats, bench, pull-ups, etc…no, day 3 would not effect your chest workout, assuming you get adequate nutrition and rest. you will be fine.

Day 1- Monday
Day 2- Wed
Day 3- Fri

If size and strength is your goal, you must rest, rest, rest. Take the weekend off from training and hit it back, fresh on monday.

Aiight :slight_smile: i’ll try your routine, we’ll see how it works! Thanks alot.

So do this look alright?

Day 1: Chest and Back
Flat benchpress 5x5
Incline benchpress/flyes 3x6
Cable crossovers/pec decs 3x10
Bent over rows 5x5
Pull ups/seated cable rows 5x5

Day 2: Legs
Squats 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
Good mornings 3x10
Leg Press 3x10

Day 3: Shoulders and arms
Push press/Shoulder press 5x5
Dumbbell lateral raises 3x10
Close grip Benchpress 3x5
Skull crushers 3x5
Standing barbell curls 3x5
Alternate dumbbell curls 3x5

the only thing is definitely do both flat bench and incline bench. but EITHER do flys or pec dec. There’s no need to do fly’s and pec dec. I would choose dumbbell flys more than pec dec.

And, I would NOT substitute cable rows for pull ups, that’s already two rowing movements. So pull ups are a must, but either cable rows or dumb bell rows, not both. Other than that, go at it, and lift heavy and strong.

Also, in terms of adding weight and progressing through the 5x5…say your doing flat dumbbell bench and you’re 1st two sets you do 65, then 70. Then you go for 75 and you only get 4 reps. Then 4th set 4 reps again. Then 5th set 3 reps. The next week, start your set off with 75’s, and if you can do 3 sets of 75 for 5 reps easy, move up. And continue to move like that. You want to manage a heavy weight for equal reps, equal strength, for at least 3 sets. Get it?

Alright! i see :slight_smile: appreciate the help m8!

anytime. keep me updated on how it goes. and don’t forget to squat way down, past parallel, and get your chin over that bar on the pull ups. I’m assuming you’ve squatted before but if you have difficulty squatting low I would advise widening your stance and/or pointing your feet outward. And stretch. Good luck

Ok. Thanks