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What's the Average Time People Run Anavar?

So I’ve ran anavar in the past and absolutely love it! One of the best steroids i’ve ever used as far as strength gains. I have always done a 7 week cycle though. I was thinking this time maybe do like a 3 month cycle. Would that be too much?

Last time I finished my 7 week cycle I got blood work done and my liver enzymes were not elevated anymore than they normally are from just lifting. They were barely out of the normal range. I did not get my lipids checked though. I would also be running 250 deca and 500 test. I am on TRT so I will always be on test.

So I guess my question is would a 3 month cycle be too much?

You could do 12 weeks of Var. Just run one or two liver ancillaries alongside it for protection. The ones you have to limit to 4-8 weeks are generally Dbol, Anardol, Halo, and things of that nature.

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You mean like milk thistle?

Tudca I think is the preferred supplement. NAC is the next most popular.

While you could and longer it’s already been shown in lab studies and through other users that most get a heavy drop in lipid health. Anavar is less hepatotoxic(liver concerns) than most orals but I would still limit it to the 6 week standard and no more than 8 weeks on the high side due to the lipids.

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The amount of mg you are taking /week also has an effect on your liver as well as the length of the cycle. The lower the amount, you could extend cycle and still be safe. A high amount of mg/week even for a short time can be more stressful.


Milk Thistle, TUDA, NAC, etc. etc.

I usually run all of those, plus Rich Piana’s Liver & Organ supplement.

I’m on 40 mg a day 280 a week. I’ve heard that’s the very low end. Is that correct?

It’s not particularly high. I’ve run it at both 50mg/day to 100mg/day per week when I was powerlifting. Liver enzymes increased as expected, but dropped back down into normal ranges after a month or two.

Where you’re at, I’d say you’re good so long as you’re seeing progress in strength and size. More is not always better, remember that.

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I can’t speak for this cycle yet but last cycle was incredible. Every week the weight felt lighter, and it was getting heavier… I havent tried many steroids yet but so far anavar is by far my favorite besides test of course. Lol I wonder how Tren compares.

I’ve run 40/60/80. 60 by far works best for me. 40 a bit too low, 80 a touch too high. 40 can be fine, depends how your body reacts and your goals. I personally wouldn’t run more than 6 weeks but that’s me.

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Tren is not even in the same ballpark, hahahaha. I’ve ran it before and it enjoyed every second of it. Strength and size gains are second to none. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t come with it’s own host of side effects. “With the good comes the bad” as they say.

If you decide to broaden your horizons with different compounds, I highly, highly advise you to tread cautiously before using tren. Evaluate how your body reacts to other compounds, both physically and mentally. Do as much research as you can. After using it myself, I now subscribe to the school of “unless you’re competing onstage, there really is no need for it.”

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