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What's the Appropriate Body Shape for Olympic Lifting?


endomorphe is appropriate ?


I don’t think there is a particular body shape needed for weightlifting. Leverages, maybe. Instead, speed, fast twitch muscles, decent vertical, etc., would be a better predictor of success potential. Also, flexibility, especially hip and ankle, is critical. Can you squat low with your hips between your ankles and maintain an upright torso? If you’re quick and can hit a low bottom position, you will have a good chance to succeed in this sport.


Skeletal Dimensions:

*Short femurs in relation to tibias (you could be well above average in height with these dimensions.

*Long spine/torso.

*Short ulna/radius in relation to humerus.


Round is shape

It seemed to work for rezazedah


Short shaped?


Pocket Hercules… just looking at that bar I believe loaded with 154 for snatch (1 kilo over my best CJ@ 105) should be enough to end this thread.




Long backs mean harder pulls and front squats


Weightlifting general consensus: T-rex>Gorilla. But I agree with what highpull said! Limb/torso proportions aren’t so much a good indicator of potential in sub elite weightlifting… Moving well (mobility) quickly and the ability to “explode” with athleticism is much more important IMO than how long someones back is. You can always do back extensions and planks to get a lifter more rigid and tight in the midsection for cleans etc… but you cant change there muscle fiber ratios.


The appropriate body shape is the one you’ve got, if you want to do it badly enough.
If you don’t, it doesn’t matter what shape you are.