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What's That About 'Hell or High Water?'


Leaving the gym today was fun. I dont have a big SUV either. Water was about 12 to 18 inches high and moving pretty fast by the time I left the gym. I finished my workout of course. Good thing I went early because I just saw on their facebook page that they are closing the gym.

Gold's in Lancaster, PA BTW.




That SUV is one of the trainers. He had to come down and clear away pieces of that bridge that broke. The biggest was about an 8 foot long 4 by 4 piece of wood.

(You can see the bridge in pic 2 better)


I love Lancaster! I grew up in Pottstown and occasionally my dad would pack us all up and head out through Lancaster.


Am NOT looking forward to the drive home from NoVA to Baltimore. :frowning:


It's not that bad up here. I was just on 695 on my way to Towson and there was barely any rain.