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What's So Great About Surge?


I eat a Met-RX Big 100 Cookie Dough Bar after I work out (360kcal, 6g fat, 51 g carb, 25g protein), they taste great, and are about $1.75 ea. I was just wondering what the advantages of Surge would be, because that is about the same price.


Surge is specifically for post-workout. It's BCAA's, high glycemic carbs, and a bunch of other good stuff.

Look up the article in the store.

The recovery I get from Surge is WAY better than I used to get. Less soreness,less aches and I get back into my workouts easier.

Try it out. See if you like it. Decide if it's worth it.


Uhhhhhhhhh.... Well:

BCAA's galore

Added L-Glutamine if you're into that

Liquid form is faster digesting

Check the protein blend in your MetRx bar, it likely has soy in it.

Hydrosylate protein, faster digesting.

did you miss the multiple articles and promo stuff?

Plus I think Surge works out to be cheaper if you live in the states than $1.75.



But its ooooh so expensive for Canadians like me :frowning:


So is crown royal and Moose Head for in the US but ya dont hear us crying LOL



Agreed. I can't afford 2 servings a day like I'd like right now, but to get my one serving a day, you'd have to pry it from my cold, lifeless hands. I'll bite someone for even eyeing my Surge too long.

Seriously, it's the best supplement I've ever used as far as muscle growth goes. Add in plain creatine with it and it's even better. I would give up my protein powder before I'd give up Surge, and I use a LOT of protein powder. Surge kicks ass.