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What's she drinking?

There’s this girl in one of my classes who drinks this weird looking really dark green liquid in class sometimes. Does anyone know what it is? She’s kind of buff maybe it has something to do with it?

Have you considered asking her, maybe?

Go back and read atomic dog from issue 48.He says they’re called “Super Greens”!! Thats funny you ask that, I was bored at work yesterday and re-reading old A-Dog columns and that one came up. It’s a great one, TC never manages to disappoint with those articles.

Hey, if she’s hot now’s your window of opportunity to get a conversation going!
Seriously, it’s most likely one of those green drinks such as Kyo Green or Green Magma. Full of herbs, acidophilus, vitamins and minerals. They’re actually very healthy, but expensive and taste as bad as they look. So if you hook up with her, have her brush her teeth first before kissing her would be my advice.

Probably Spirulina or wheat grass, or both.

More than likely one of the “green drinks” like Green Magma or Udo’s Beyond Greens. Most of these are made from barley leaves, chlorophyll and whatnot and they’re supposed to be awesome for antioxidants, phytonutrients, internal cleansing etc.

Probably a green drink. I use them all the time and they usually do taste as bad as they look :slight_smile:

Remember that old Kool-Aid flavor inspired by the Ghostbusters movies? Ecto Cooler, baby…