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What's Seattle Like?


May need to move Seattle in near future, specifically in suburbs.

What are your thoughts? Heard its extremely rainy, cloudy, etc. Would also like to hear from transplants to the area and their adjustments.


There are lots of hawks, mariners, sounders, and there used to be super sonics but they have since become extinct. It also rains a lot, which is to the liking of mermaids that wear crowns and make coffee.


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its a pretty cool city. It does rain a lot and if its not raining its gray and gloomy which sucks but when it is sunny (like 1 month combined out of the whole year) it is absolutely beautiful! Theres a lot of cool spots but if you're not into bike riding, camping and outdoorish type stuff then Seattle would probably suck to be honest.

The good thing though is most of they guys there look like dickheads. So if you're a good looking in shape guy with some confidence you could pull some smokin hot babes :slight_smile:



I live in Seattle. Its alright, just cloudy and rainy a lot of the year, which sucks.
Every district in the city has its own personality. Capitol Hill is gay central, Bellevue is the rich area, there's a couple of brown-skin areas, West Seattle is laid back since we've got Alki Beach.

Any specific questions, post them up.


Oh, and if you jaywalk and then talk smack to the cop, you get punched in the face.


Rain with a 100% chance of rain and Frasier Crane on KACL FM Radio.


I like it. They say if you can see Mount Rainier its going to rain.....and if you cant then its already raining. The rain stories are massively over-blown. The people there spread the myth in an attempt to keep the Californians out.
During the winter you get about 4 solid months of drizzle and sometimes a very little bit of snow. June, July, and August are perfect summer weather.
If you are the type of person who tries to stay dry the whole time you will be miserable. If you understand you will get rained on, make the best of it, and get out and enjoy all there is to do you will love it.


I don't live in Seattle, but I've been there a few times and it's probably one of my two or three favorite cities in the US. Like has been said, if you can make the best of the rain and just get out and enjoy the city, it really is an awesome place.


grew up in and spent 23 years in seattle before moving to tucson. It does rain a lot, but it rarely pours basically it sprinkles. Eastside of seattle is really nice, south of downtown is pretty sketchy. If you want more of a subrub feel you may want to look in the northgate/lake forest park/edmonds area.

They are all about 10-15 mins north of DT seattle. But if you want to live in the city ballard is a good option, has a beautiful fitness park called greenlake, west seattle is another good option if you still want the city feel.


We have better music than anywhere else in the States. And the food isn't bad either. Pity the weather's so mediocre- there's a reason Seattle is the suicide capital.

But in all honesty it's hard to hate this place. There's a ton of creative ambition from the people, and you meet all sorts. Summers are phenomenal.


It sucks big donkey balls. I was stationed in Puget Sound for 2 years and saw the sun once. I had to crush prozac into my MRE ham-like loaf product just to make it through another day. The culture is odd, the space needle stops being fun after one ride, and the ferry is nothing but a mobile home for panhandlers. Although the whole fish tossing thing at the farmers market made me pull the gun from my mouth for a few minutes.


semi-funny story here.....

flying into SeaTac last December . circling prior to descent , I look out the window and it looks like were over water . no frikkin' airport in sight . and then I spot what looks like a mountain . so Im thinkin to myself....." how did this mountain get out in the ocean....and why the fuck are we over the ocean" ?

so we land , and as Im driving south from the airport Im lookin around and dont see no mountain anywhere . well...WTF . now Im totally confused as to what I saw from the plane .

so a couple days later I leave the building where I was working (20 minutes south of SeaTac)....nice blue sky and FUCKING BAM .....there it is.....god damn Mount Ranier . looks to be a couple miles away only .

thats when I figured it out......hahaha


I moved here 1.5 years ago. I came out in August and fell in love. Went back to DC, packed up and moved. I am originally from Michigan, lived in Hawaii, Kentucky, Southern Illinois and DC (and have visited many other states). This is the most beautiful place I've ever been. I love that I can wear a light jacket year 'round (no such thing as below zero temps), when the sun does come out no one appreciates it as much as a person who's been drizzled on a lot. It is green year 'round. Mountains. Ocean. Seafood. Tons of original restaurants with food grown locally. People are pretty friendly. I moved from Tacoma (not a great place) to downtown Seattle (Belltown) in January and now I walk to work and my gym every day. People here think the traffic is bad but if you live someplace like DC traffic here is a breeze. Uh well the drivers suck here big time. They don't know how to merge (WTF???). Speed limit is 60 and that takes some getting used to. It has maybe rained hard 2 times since I moved here. Yeah, lots of overcast days -- but moderate temps to go with it. I figure for a couple of hundred I can fly to Southern Cali and get a big dose of sunshine if I need it. I've moved around a lot the last 10 years trying to find a place I'm willing to stay....and this is the place.

And if you grab a cop and he punches you in the face, you deserve it, dumbass.

I have a bunch of pictures on my Facebook of Seattle. If you want to check them, PM me.


If you were stationed in puget sound chances are you were either in everett or bremerton right? Just living in either of those cities you would hate everything


I was to distracted by the mountains, 100 foot tall pine trees, hiking, fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, and some of the finest micro-brew beer in the country to notice any of your complaints. I look forward to going back next year.


Bremerton. Need I say more..


Your sarcasm detector needs fixing.


That is entirely possible. I have found sarcasm doesnt translate well through the written medium. I have also known several people who stayed in their apartments complaining about the weather while I was there.


I walk to Pike Street Market every Sat no matter what the weather is so that I can get my fruits and veggies. It's all a matter of perspective. You should make the most of any place you land.