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What's Romney Hiding?


'Mitt Romney has decided to release his 2011 tax returns and shows that not only has he donated plenty of money to charity, but he actually paid up and beyond the minimum amount that he had to.'

The Romneys donated $4,020,772 to charity in 2011, amounting to nearly 30% of their income.

Additionally, the Romney campaign is releasing a summary of 20 years of taxes, between 1990-2009, detailing their tax expenditures during those years...


How much did Obama give to charity?


Clearly he was hiding his blatant support of communist ideals.


5.8% in 2010 which is the most he has ever given.


In 2008 Obama gave less than 1% of his income to charity.


Just proves that Romney is a humble man and didn't want people to know how much actually went to charity. Ok dirty Harry Reid time for you need to release yours taxes


Rofl. Oh, oh, this is classic. I just watched a bunch of liberal talking heads on MSNBC losing it over this. Absolutely losing their sanity. The big story, that Romney didn't pay taxes has fallen apart, so what do they start arguing? Romney paid too much! That's right, they actually argued that Romney had disqualified himself by his 'own standards' for not having taken all the charitable tax deductions he could've.

Because, see, Romney had made an off the cuff remark that he paid no more taxes than legally obligated, and if he had it would've disqualify him as President. So here it is, Harry Reid's claims blown to smithereens, evidence that Romney is a rather generous giver (far more so than the current President), and these unhinged dufi (that's MY plural for dufus) try to salvage this story by transforming it into a story where Romney has paid TOO MUCH IN TAXES.

Shark has been jumped. Oh yes, try that angle out on the public. No, please. "Romney didn't take all the charitable deductions he could've, on the 30% of his income he gave as charity. Why, he paid too much in taxes, I declare!" Oh, oh, I love starting my mornings with a good laugh. Comedy gold.


Don't look for the main stream liberal media to talk about what a generous man Mitt Romney is.


This "argument"??? against Romney makes NO sense, Sloth...

But I guess maybe the people you were listening too make no sense...



He is hiding the fact that he was at Bain when he said he was not


LOL!!! What's even more impressive is that there are people who will still maintain the essential fairness of the leftist media. The hysteria shows that they are intimidated by Romney as a candidate. A bit puzzling.


It has less to do with Romney and more to do with them clinging to their ideological hero.

Anyone who can turn on say MSNBC (and the many others) and claim that they're actually fair is only saying such a thing because they love Obama in an unnatural way.





Romney is a decent bloke up against a wanker. In poli, wankers usually win.

Obama is a bloody wanker times about a billion.


Ya know? This is probably true ZEB

Unnatural way!!! LO!!! Very good man LOL!! It IS unnatural isn't it?


Which is why listening to MSNBC OR FoxNews is like scratching a chalkboard to me.



Yeah...but here's the problem my friend, where can one get unbiased television news? Newspapers are not far behind that level of biased reporting either. And if you look at AOL news the Huffington Post has a war against Romney.

So where does one get unbiased news?

By the way thank God for FOX News they are one of few outlets that favors republicans.


Good question, Zeb.

"Pure" unbiased news probably...no...DOESN'T exist.

Most likely the best that one can do is a) find the least unbiased sources and b) try to come to as an informed a decision as one can.

Unfortunately...a LOT of people are listening to some of the MOST biased sources out there in MSNBC and FoxNews.



A couple things: he is obviously a generous giver. Much of what he donates goes to the LDS Church, but an even greater amount goes to other charities. Certainly commendable, and anyone trying to spin it any other way is a partisan hack.

Reid is an idiot.

He paid more in taxes than necessary because he had promised that he had always paid at least a 13% effective rate and claiming the full deductions would have pushed his 2011 rate below that line.



Those are not dufi, those are assclowns with a touch of buffonery.