Whats Really good foreplay

Looking for help …what constitutes good foreplay and how long should it last

Good foreplay shouldn’t be timed, and everyone is different.

Okay…heavy sigh…when are these “types” of questions going to stop?! But heavy sigh again…next time Ko and I “go at it”, I’ll make sure to have my stop watch.

Can you imagine? "Wow...honeybuns..THAT was incredible!" *clicks stopwatch* "that lasted a whole..." whatever.....really. Oh and to answer? I don't know, like maybe 5-minutes would be bad, 15-minutes would be semi "woo hoo" and anything beyond 30-minutes would be a big old "whoopeeee-deeeeee!" territory.

There are different standards for each gender.

Good foreplay for a woman=The longer the better, and anticipation is EVERYTHING. You have to let her “percolate” and build up the tension in her mind. Whisper something dirty in her ear as she leaves for work so that she has ALL day to think about it. Call her once during the day to “remind” her what she’s in for when she gets home. When she does, tease her and make her wait. You want to drive her crazy with desire. If you can do this without even touching her, then the Force is indeed strong in you.

Good foreplay for a man=Show him your boobies. :)

Patricia, you are not very happy person,are you? While I basically agree with you, the guy asked a simple question, and you as a female could help him, much better than I could. OK, everyone is different, such thing cannot be planned nor timed, but saying what he shouldn’t do would be a good start. Virg, I think Patricia made a good point but in wrong way. In most cases woman will tell you or show you when she is ready. Women can be as horny as man(a fact many man don’t realize), so don’t be surprised if she wants to skip the foreplay and fuck the shit out of you. That’s perfectly fine,and such women should be though of as whores or anything of that nature.
As for the foreplay itself, just keep in mind that entire women’s body is erogenous (sp.?) zone, not just breasts and tuna town.

I’d say you’re done when I’ve come a few times grin I’m done when I’ve finished swallowing.

“Good foreplay for a man=Show him your boobies. :)”. After 15 years, gets my husband every time (hehe).

Start with her mind, the rest will not matter…

Michelle, if you are swallowing what I think you are swallowing how would you like to be my wife :slight_smile:

Draz: I’m pretty darn happy and pretty darn sexually satisfied. I was being facetious in my answer. I am just fasinated in the fact that questions on sex are posted here - rather than on a site solely about sex or human sexuality. I know that this is a “off topic” forum. I understand that. I’m just getting yawn bored - so I’m sorry if I didn’t handle my answer in a more delicate<'i> manner.

Oh my God, that was sooooo funny! I’m still laughing. And you are so right!

“That’s perfectly fine,and such women should be though of as whores or anything of that nature.” Draz - I am assuming you left out the word ‘not’ between should and be.

I am:

swallowing what you think I'm swallowing


Thanks for the offer though! *grin*

NO SOUP FOR YOU!! :slight_smile:

What to make a woman happy, then stop belly aching about which erogenous zone is the best to touch at what frequency and in what order for how long – just get busy. By modifying the King axioms from building beef to getting lots of satiated ass that keeps coming back for more we can see clearly that…… Every thing works: Nothing works forever. AHH-SOO grasshopper, we see that fingers, toes, tongues and ear lobes are all deadly weapons in the hands of a master. Use them all, keep her guessing, linger but for a moment in the areas that make her giggle, revel in those that make her moan. The secret is in how she breathes. You know, after a hero squat set how your chest seems to heavy uncontrollably trying to draw adequate breath to oxygenate your sorry ass — paydirt squats or women.

OH BOY! I knew my imagination wasn’t running wild! You’re welcome for the offer! I too am taken, now if I could only get my wife to do what you do hmmm…

That was funny :slight_smile: You are one lucky bastard:) Have fun with Michelle as Im sure you are!

To Michelle:

Yeah,I left out “NOT” in that sentence.

BTW. I’ll dare to ask an old boring question: So many woman really hate swallowing. Why?

I am not female so I can’t answer your question, but I don’t know why men generally make such a big fuss about that swallowing thing.

Axy, I don’t about you, but there’s something in facials and swallowing that makes my T-rone skyrockets.Maybe I watched too many porno movies during my youth, or maybe that new article on bukkake in Penthouse triggered my imagination.I dunno. Anyway, could you imagine another crazy vet like me running around all the time? Swallowing is another way of avoiding that, plus, it’s a good way of avoiding mess on my sheats.

BTW. I read an article in Penthouse about some tribe where boys drink cum until they get married. The one who gets the most becomes the best husband,man, lover, hunter and so on.