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What's Real?

I was looking to pass some time and I don’t know for the life of my why I did it but lets just assume I had a brain fart as I don’t usually watch knock out reels.

So I am watching a top 100 knock outs of something mma or another and I couldn’t make it past 95 (counting down from 100)

Yep, 5 knock outs into it and I am sick to my stomach… literally!

Just watching these guys run around and scream, somersaulting, jumping on fences, dancing, screaming at camera’s, the crowd and their corners, making disrespectful gestures towards their opponents reminded me of something I heard Tyson say once and something I believe in too.

Although the reason why I never celebrated after a win, never jumped up on ropes and beat my chest is probably because I never experienced the huge thrill like these guys may have at a higher level of exposure, I’d like to think that having an underlying belief that the fight is not about ego but just demonstrating your skill set to be superior than that of your opponent and that’s where it ends. I am also happy to attribute it to my upbringing and parents and teachers, teaching me calmness of being and composure in all aspects.

The fact is, there is no character refinement in MMA and a lot of the current fight sports with the way fighters carry on before, during and after a fight.

I cannot for the life of me understand how someone serious about their health, fitness and development as a human would engage in such putrid behaviour and then whether they win or lose go out on party rampages, getting drunk and drugged into oblivion and living like an animal again.

These are the models we now have in front of us, the models our children are meant to emulate and look up to.

Makes you want to divorce the fight community altogether.

Agreed. One of my MT coaches who was a crusty old fucker once said that after a fight, people should be able to look at how you were acting and not tell if you’d won or lost.

No one handled post-fight shit more coolly than this dude.

Prob a better pic than the last one given the topic.


I couldn’t agree more. I can’t stand all the flash shit. Fighters used to have so much self respect. They came to the ring with real, genuine menace, but once they won, they had respect for their opponents, and themselves, and kept celebrations to an acknowledgement of a job well done with their trainer. That’s how men should behave.

I like how tyson used to talk about his fights as if he already knew he had won just through sheer self belief and preparation.

“its a foregone conclusion, we cannot fail”

What kind of combat sports in your opinion support character refinement? How would you define character refinement in the first place?
Showing more respect? Being a gentle and calm winner?

Acting like a human being not a coked up acrobat.

Not this :


Not this either…


I never got how people loved Prince Naz. I wanted to see the little cunt get battered every time I saw him. It’s part of the reason I can’t get behind Mayweather - the arrogance to talk about yourself in the third person. Drives me fucking wild.