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What's Real? What's Not?


Hey I wasnt sure were to post this. I'm having a hard time seeing the difference between the real and the fake on the boards. Ive been working out and using all sorts of suplpements for a while but im hitting a glass cieling and need some info and a lot of it seems like people are advertising, a lot of the peptide reviews seem too good to be true, a lot of the stuff im just not sure if its even real people half the time. Some people say GHRP6 is great by its self other say i HAVE to use it with CJC are they just tryna get me to spend 4x as much money with the board sponsor?

I'm on PCT and ordered some GHRP-6 from a website that charged me 50$ for 5000mcg so thats twice what all those highly reviewed websites say. I know for sure the stuff is legit because ive never slept so good or been so hungry in my life. And just based on the customer service packaging i can tell when a business is legit. So there are all these posts badmouthing my site and talking up the sites that charge half what I pay. Sometimes I think its just scammers who are mad people are getting the real thing tryna bad mouth a legit place. I just dont know how to talk abotut his cuz its so taboo to discuss where u get something but those research chems arent even illigal so I mean whats real.. whats not?


Nothing is real… YOU’RE IN THE MATRIX


What’s your point? You want to push “your site” here? Because it’s better than others?

I guess I’m not sure what you want?