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What's Peri-Workout Nutrition?


alright i feel like a dumb ass asking this but what exactly is peri-workout?


"peri" means around or about. So in the context of peri-workout nutrition it means before during and after a workout.


so does that mean no pre-workout? and what should i consume peri-workout?


I think the 'before' that he mentioned would cover pre-workout.

As for what you should consume, hit the 'articles' tab. There are a ton of them about nutrients/BCAAS/etc around the workout.


oh shit lol i didnt even see the word "before" lol


im blending 23-26 grams of carbs from berries into 23 grams of whey and water. i make two of those drinks and sip one throughout the workout and drink the other right after. does that sound right?


Carbs from berries or other fruit are not a preferred choice for peri-workout nutrition. Do the reading the other posters suggested, it will do you some good. You shouldn't have any trouble finding the answers.


@ jearbear: I was just enlightened by other T-Nation members about BCAAs. RyFry recommended using BCAAS for peri-workout nutrition. A good place to start is the nutraplanet website, under bulk items.


I like how you used the term enlightened in that context haha. bb.com has them for cheap too but the only thing i question is quality. I hoping Biotest will release a powder some time soon. But the tabs are extremely convenient


Yes...an argument can be made to include BCAAs in peri-workout nutrition, but that has nothing to do with the carbohydrate choice. Your going to need more protein than just the BCAAs as well. Many recommend BCAAs alone prior to fasted cardio, but that is a different animal altogether.


x2 also bcaa's arent really necessary when your bulking.


And don't sip on your shake, the longer it sets the more it degrades.....

Drink it within 2 to 3 minutes of making it.

Jus a personal opinion


Degrades into what? This is a myth. Creatine has also been shown to be stable for days suspended in liquid.


yeah i read in a bunch of different articles to sip the shake for the first 3/4 of the workout


I've heard the same thing but paid no attention.


Supposedly creatine serum has a shelf life of 2yrs. But that shit is highly uneffective and expensive. What is the difference between creatine serum and putting powder in water?


BCAAs prior to "Fasted" cardio..would no longer be "fasted" cardio. IF you are gonna do cardio fasted...do it. Stop thinking that your muscles are wasting away if you let them out of your site for more than 2 hours..or that they are going to shrink if you take more than 30 steps in a row without protein or aminos available. It doesn't work that way. Bulking or cutting BCAAs are where it's at..they should be included periworkout..not the only thing included.

I backload all my carbs and fast throughout the day..I break my "fast" with BCAAs before training..and then a shitton of carbs and protein after. So:

15 minutes or so before training: approx. 10 grams BCAAs
During Training: some include more BCAAs or something like Workout Fuel..I don't.
Post Training: A lot of carbs and protein. For me: Approx. 3/4 box of pasta cooked, 1lb of fish in a tomato broth, broccoli and salad...then 1 cup dry measure oats with 1 scoop whey protein added.

I don't buy into the fast absorbing protein shit..so it must be whey..whey or food works for me. I don't believe the postworkout window is as small as a lot make it out to be..in fact I think it extends much further than people think. If I can't eat until 30-45 minutes after I train..it's no big deal..if its almost immediate..no big deal. These details are insignificant in the broad picture.

As others have mentioned..fruit is not the best carb source for this purpose..it won't restore muscle glycogen stores nor effect insulin as well as other more starchy sources. Carbs I prefer postworkout: White Rice, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Oats, Pasta, Sugary Cereal etc.

That is my protocol based on my style of eating which is a form of intermittent fasting.

Here is a more common Peri-workout protocol that I assume you would use or those who follow a more "normal" eating pattern. Notice the similarity in concept:

Pre workout: BCAAs or a carb/protein meal..or carb/protein supplement like a finibar etc.
During Training: BCAAs sipped or Workout Fuel sipped or another intra workout supplement.
Immediate Post workout: A recovery drink like Surge Recovery or...another..or your own..typically, Whey protein with high glycemic carbs such as Dextrose. Usually 2:1 ratio of dextrose to protein.
1 hour after post workout drink: A carb/protein meal with the same carbs I mentioned above. Those being rice, potatoes, oats, pasta etc. This time..protein is typically from meat/fish/eggs etc.


hmm, i will have to look into this more. I know creatine was the main concern.

Regardless i still drink the whole thing in a minute or 2.