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What's Overrated?


We've all been disapointed in our time, personally i find birthdays to be a major let down (a large tangent storey has been deleted for here). this thread is for things you thought were going to be good, but turned out to be a major disapointment like series two of heroes, or starwars episode 1. or things that the general public seem to really like but you feel are grossly overrated, like angelina jolie or cocaine.



Jessica Simpson (stupid is not sexy)

Fish oil caps

Jet Skiing

South Park

Nue Metal


The two party system.

The Lord of the Rings movies.

A free market.

Nike Shoes.

Personal training credentials.


stuff crust pizza


I agree wholeheartedly with the Jessica Simpson

The first time I tried N.O. Xplode

ANY COEN BROTHERS MOVIE (minus Fargo, and haven't seen the new one.)




(Nah, just kidding...)


Star Wars Episode 1, 2 and 3 Darth Vader was some punky whiny teenager...REALLY?????

Any Star Trek movie after First Contact

God of War II - Loved number 1, just can't get into 2 at all.


The Goonies


Dude, it was the dark side. The FEAR and ANGER!

But yeah, I used to think sex was overrated until I got me some of the good stuff :smiley:

The daily show with John Stewart is overrated tho.

Creatine and Whey protein is overrated.


Okay, them is fighting words.


couldn't agree more, that shit seems to do fuck all.


Bill "hates all but himself" O'Reilly

Rush "popping many pills" Limbaugh



Aaaahhh!!!! never! give me your lobsters you unappreciative dwarf man... lobsters are the food of Neptune...

Underrated is the whole state of Texas. They think they're so special, they can keep it.


Booze and drugs
Being Single


Stephen Colbert (seriously... the schtick gets OLD)
The Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans.
French food (its good, but it sure as hell isn't the be all end all of cuisine that people make it out to be).


Being Single
Being in a Relationship
Growing Up
Punta Cana
Any Car under $35k


Italian food. Most overrated cuisine.

Angelina Jolie - she won't age well. Just watch.

Ferraris - I'll take an Aston or Maserati any day over a Ferrari

Agree on creatine and South Park.



Any car over 35K
Citizen Kane
Southern California

And already mentioned, but deserve repeating...

College and blonds. Definitely blonds.


Joel Osteen

Dane Cook


Sports teams apparel (they don't pay me to advertise)

Anything "gansta"


Hahaha. Awesome.

Seeing as you're from Jersey, you have the right idea. I'm on LI, and the amount of fake hard-asses that I see walking around is unbeleivable. I honestly think the tri-state area is the only place on earth gangsters, guidos, and bro's all coexist.

I also thought Jeremy Shockey was seriously overrated when he was on the Giants.