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Whats on the Side of the Website?


In certain pages I see a graphic or something on both sides of my screen. To mee it looks like a womans exposed side and a partially exposed breast. Anyone know what it is or have any other guesses. Oh and if I'm right, can someone direct me to the full graphic? You know for "ahem" research puposes.



In the SAMA forum it's the back of a woman's leg on each size and it's actually the butt on top.

You need to learn your body parts, rookie!


It's only on SAMA I'm pretty sure...not like I would know.


Damn Lanky beat me...but I thought it was boobs too!


You must be talking about something else, right V? On SAMA, it seems extremely clear and easy to tell it's a woman's legs.


Yup, Only in SAMA. And BTW, it still doesn't look like a leg and butt, if it is, it's the most defined butt to leg cleavage I have ever seen. Still looks like the bottom of a boob to me. Can we get the whole picture please? Or IS that the whole thing?



If you look towards the bottom you can see the back of her knee.


Maybe it's something to do with my screen resolution (size) I don't see down to anything that looks like a knee, Hmm, I'll have to take your words for it. (still gonna imagine it's an ass sized boob)



Whatever works for ya V!


It is a resolution thing. On my work monitor I see about calf up of the leg, at home with higher res. I get the whole leg, shoe and all. Your res. settings must be really low.