What's Normal at 53 Yrs Old

First of all I have been doing really good with my protocol. My only complaint is lack of libido, and erection quality. More then likely I am expecting to much for my age, and haven’t come to terms with it yet. lol Still I would like some honest feedback from guys that are in there 50’s, doing good with there HRT, and in decent health.

I quit taking Cialis for daily use because it was giving me headaches and brain fog. Since I stopped my erection quality is not near as good. My libido is about the same. I am in the mood about every 2 weeks, where I actually feel the young horny feeling. At that time I usually achieve a good erection through a little physical stimulation, and it is satisfactory for a good romp with the wife, and maybe one more time in the next day or so. After that it is another 2 weeks or so before I am feeling that way again.

Also I really don’t have strong morning wood anymore but maybe 2 to 3 times a month. Even then it doesn’t last long at all. The rest of the time if I wake feeling good I just have a chubby.
How are some of you others doing, and what do you think?