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What's Next? The After Time

The CCP need not have unleashed the virus directly to have bad intentions regarding their management, their sharing of information with the world and their own internal policies.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I believe their priority is not a humanitarian goodwill mission, but opportunistically exploiting the situation to gain as much as possible from the crisis they created. That’s going to involve sending some masks and whatnot to keep up appearances, but the economic war just escalated. Big time.

I believe this is China’s “awaken a sleeping giant” moment.

Not at all. But again a huge difference between preventable and intentional.

I don’t think our intentions with this were intentionally harmful but it would seem as if given our current circumstance we didn’t react the way we should have. Wouldn’t you say our sharing of information from our highest leader in this has been lacking, misleading, downplayed perhaps? Is the difference that they have a group doing it instead of an individual? Wouldn’t you say our internal policies have hurt us in this?

Please don’t get me twisted I’m not saying we are the same in every way. I think China is and has been awful during this and long before. But I also don’t make a lot of money from Chinese labor. I’m really not the person who needs convincing.

Of course it isn’t. And no doubt they will exploit the situation and the crisis just like every country’s power people will to an extent.

My quick summary: China is awful and always has been. Other countries actions aren’t always drastically different than them and we continue economic relations with other bad actors because well it’s really profitable.

When this ends we are going to want to recover economically as fast as possible. Would I love for our big corporations to look for other avenues than China? Of course. Do I think they will in a significant way if it hurts their profits? No. It never has before.

New one. Virus leads to UBI. With unemployment where it is and soon to be worse UBI will gather stem going into the election. Where’s the Yang Gang at!?!?

*Ewwww and way faster automation. You don’t have to shut down production during a pandemic if your workforce are robots.


I think this is likely.

Future philosophical musing:
Which came first - the UBI or the minimalist lifestyle?

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Trump has used the both sides do it argument in defense of Russia.

I suppose if many jobs are automated, that Ubi may gain in popularity. I guess if the GDP stays about the same, that I don’t see value in working just for the sake of it.

If I had my house paid off and a good amount of savings/investments, I would consider early retirement if m4a and Ubi were around.

The end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. First broadcast in 2014!

Go back to sleep “mushrooms!”

Okay…this is the question that I have, @oldtimer3… (serious question)

The individuals like you posted above seem to not ask the next question (in my mind…)

What advantage does the “Deep State/Ruling Class” have is decimating and ruining economies? Merely to enslave?

It seems completely counter-intuitive to deliberately decimate an economy like the U.S…in order to do what? What is the end-game?

(Again…serious question from a confused mushroom…)

Another question:

Why would they spell out their plans in such detail in a publicly available document?

Again…it seems like something very counter-intuitive.

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They can kill Epstein in “broad daylight” yet these geniuses on YouTube are allowed to spill their secrets. Makes sense if… The deep state is using them to divert us from what they are really doing…

Lmao. It’s all part of the plan. Pure lunacy.

As you seem genuine I’ll answer you but before I do that let me explain something I strongly believe in. For me there are two ways to think "logically or " emotionally" I try always for the first but sometimes don’t succeed. So try and use method one when reviewing what I write.
Ask yourself what is that a “Ruling Class” want the clue is in the first word to RULE! (logic) Ruling means control, these are psychopaths who have no empathy and don’t give a rats arse about you or me.See one of George Carlin’s memorable videos.
You need proof? Here is what the Governor of the Bank of England said in 1924:

“Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world . By dividing the voters through the political party systems, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance . It is thus, by discrete action, we can ensure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.”
Montagu Norman
Governor of the Bank of England
addressing the United States Bankers’ Association, New York, Idaho Leader
26 August 1924

(from The History of Central Banking : Stephen Mitford Goodson, 2019, Black House Publishing)
Why are you never taught about “MONEY” in school (elementary, high, college) because then you might start to think. Start learning about money nad more importantly Debt! Read about Banking, Fractional reserve, Fiat currency, Gold standard, Compound interest, Credit, Debit, Inflation, Deflation etc. Educate yourself do “NOT” take my word research for yourself NEVER believe anything anyone tells you without having proved it yourself.
Now to answer your question if you destroy the SMEs then what is left is cheap to buy up. Have you forgotten the S&L crash of the 80s/90s! Look at 2008 the takeover of Leh, BS etc and the so called “consolidation” of the banking sector. Read what happened in the Great Depression in the 1930s. Why was the “Glass-Steagall act” introduced, and more importantly why was it removed and a weaker version later on introduced.
Hope I have given you something to think about. I have a very bad heart and cannot type much more as I tire easily (probably be gone by the end of the year according to medical science!)
Good luck

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How true this is, @oldtimer3…and becomes more apparent with each passing day, especially in the U.S.! Thank you for the insights!

Also…keep your head down and stay healthy! Whether this is “simply” a rogue animal virus that man had very little protection from…and/or is part of some deliberate plot by the Deep State…stay healthy!

China loses its rank on the international stage. Goods become much more expensive, and countries will reshore the industries that have a national security component.

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I won’t vote for any party that carries water for the CCP. My tolerance for that manner of glad handing is over.

China gonna pay what it owes.

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If I’m being optimistic, I’m imagining an America united around this goal, which I believe is of urgent priority. I’ll start to become conflicted if command economy measures are further imposed to achieve this. This all is sure to be an interesting discussion.

I would hope the same is true for most everyone else who has been our friends since roughly 1945, including Japan, of course.

Quick aside: For everyone who thinks America is some kind of fundamentally evil actor on the world stage, I’d ask you this: When have the vanquished foes of an invading superpower gone on to enjoy the unprecedented economic, cultural and social success as Germany and Japan have in the last 75 years?

Can you imagine a world where America adopted Assyrian Empire foreign policy?

Can you imagine a world where America’s military behaved like Mongols?

This is where things might get interesting. This is going to be a wacky election in the US. I think politics will continue to increase in wackiness as we move ahead with this whole situation. We’re already seeing little tyrants popping up in our vast land.

How else should it be, at this point?


Greece after the Roman conquest for example.

If instead of the much-maligned “globalists”, “america firsters” ran US foreign policy post WW2

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Like I said I hope you’re right. Why would businesses which started using China long ago to increase their profits stop? Out of the goodness of their hearts? China has a massive cheap workforce to be exploited and many businesses want in on exploiting them.

I mean I hope at the least we start having the government give incentives to have things that are considered vital built here. Or by a close ally (but most of those we wouldn’t save much on the labor). But it’s going to take some big deals and some big spending imo.

The time to break up with China was long ago. But China didn’t force us all to get in bed with them. I hope we want to get out. But deep down I just don’t see businesses deciding to have anything cut into that precious profit margin.

Another thing to consider is that we had a big labor shortage here no less than a month ago. Obviously Coronavirus is going to change that in the short term. But I do wonder who is going to work all these jobs we bring back if we had tons of unfilled positions already.

Of course that doesn’t mean we couldn’t partner more with other nations in that regard. But again it’s going to come at a cost. One I’m fully willing to pay. But big business? Color me skeptical.

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I’m well aware of command economy measures presently in place. I deal with DPAS-rated contracts fairly regularly when I’m wearing my procurement hat. I’m well aware that this is mildly incongruent with some of my expressed policy positions, but I also like my job that I’m doing from home right now.

In very general terms, my concern lies with the adoption of increasingly authoritarian measures. The argument for them just got a little stronger, but I’m not sure how much stronger. The president just invoked the DPA to order a recently-failed car manufacturer to produce medical ventilators. I’m not saying that’s the wrong move at all given the circumstances, but if we’ve still got GM making ventilators instead of cars six months from now, well, I’ll be wondering why.

Good example, but can you think of anything more recent?