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What's Next? Strength, Mixed/Mid-Rep Range or Crossfit?

Yo what’s going on bad people out there? what’s liftin?

So I’m a beginner/intermediate strength trainee.
I did a few runs of 5x5s in the past 5-10 years. I kept it at around the same weight. Don’t ask me why. I hit about 240lbs on squats and a bit more DL with lower on other lifts about 5 years ago.
Then I did other things. Then a last year I went on to candito’s linear program -I think- which I had a pretty damn good form. I reached closed to 160lbs mass and benched I think 210lbs 3x6. My OHP and rows were lagging though.

Then I joined a crossfit gym. Oh man. What a mistake (for me that is). I lost weight. I probably lost strength. I played sports and I was good at it just b/c of strength training b4. Crossfit made me amazing at it physically but at the cost of all the good things :frowning:
Then I got injured at the heel and was out of sports for a few months now. Slowly recovering.
So nı crossfit for 1-2 months for sure.I think I can still lifft weights. Not even sure. But let’s assume I can.
Hell if you’re going to suggest crossfit things to me, let’s assume I can crossfit.

I want to know what I should be doing next? I gained a bit of a fat, I am at about 165 lbs. Probably can squat 260lbs still. I wanted to bench 100kg. I never could add those plates. I can bench probably my bodyweiht only for now. I don’t think I want to hit that though. My priority is looking better, while still having a base for strength. Long term: strength, short term: asthetics/less fat.

so, suggestions. Please be very specific. Like, candito but power. candito-hyperthrophy, or this workout I used. I know you’d have to know a lot about me to know precisely etc. but I want something that hits ballpark. something that has both the low reps and high reps. either low reps being 1-2 power moves, or high reps being 100 reps or 12…
or something like do 5x5 for 3 months and then swithc to crossfit for another 3; do a cycle like that? that works.
how do you cycle these? I want success stories! go!

Ok so I noticed I actually was too vague. so some details:
b4 crossfit stats:
bench: 3x6 all time PR of 90-95kgs. dont remember. :open_mouth:
pendlay row: 3x6 80kg. all time PR.
DL: 2x6: 130kg. probably could do more…
squat: 3x6 120kg. probably could do more…
OHP:3x6: 42,5

now. with the above rep schemes, I could probaby do:
bench: 75.
pendlay row: 70
DL: I think crossfit may have increased my strength here. I don’t know for sure though. but let’s assume 100kg?
squat? let’s assume 100kg? I’m somewhat OK with the lowerbody and DL anyways.
OHP: 45kg.

Yep sounds like a pretty standard crossfit experience.

Try this, all laid out here, -will get you bull strong and also has good conditioning element…

could swap the prowler/ sprint work with a (sensible/no O lifts/kipping)metcon now and again


I’m a fan of 5/3/1 like Badger suggested. You can also try finding a program that uses 8x3 or 10x3 with short rest periods. I did that for a while, and noticed some growth in my legs after only a few weeks which was awesome. I think the most important thing is that you really work your legs. Biggest muscles = most calorie burning potential. However you want to work your legs is up to you.

Christian Thibadeau (I don’t know if I spelled his name right) has some good programs for your goals I think. They’ll get you big and strong. They’re a little complicated and he utilizes some exercises that 90% of the programs out there don’t, but he’s extremely successful and he knows what he’s doing. You can’t really go wrong with 5/3/1 or any of CT’s stuff

yeah I know CT from this site. His programs are very detailed and hard. I’m looking for something simpler. But I may dig into those. Anyone in particular?
I’m also aware of 531. of course. Haven’t done it but I did do 5x5 + some conditioning and it worked. I loved 5x5. But I don’t want to face I lost strength I guess :slight_smile:
I never done 10x3 or 8x3…
Any links in particular?

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Here you go

I honestly have no idea what your specific goals are. Your original post is so scatter brained. Give me some things you want to do. Don’t tell me what kind of program you want to run, that’s the wrong way to think about it. Set goals, and I can give you an idea of how to get there.

Also, you don’t eat enough to meet any goal outside of endurance running, as far as I can tell from everything you’ve said. There’s absolutely no reason why an athlete should lose that much strength just by attending crossfit classes. Benching bodyweight, at your bodyweight, is inexcusably poor. You lost that strength because of 2 things. 1 is that you did not eat enough to support the increased activity of crossfit. 2 is that you neglected strength training while crossfitting. You don’t have to do that.


look good and strong, and be strong. I think benching 100kgs at 80kg bw is strong. that’s all I need. I’m something around 75kg these days I think with 3-4% more excess body fat(according to my taste).
my goal in the past 2 years. 80kg bw, bench 100kg+, squat, OHP, and row will follow. I like my new Row and OHP abilities by the way.
add 5-10kgs of muscle, after I lose this 3-4% fat. Be able to do 1-2 other things physically(yoga, krav maga, maybe soccer)… 4 months time… Too ambitious ?

this is why I asked about your specific goals. I don’t know very many people who would consider a 100kg bench press at 80kg bodyweight to be strong. But if that’s your goal, then that’s entirely your own thing. And that’s a very modest goal, you shouldn’t have to do any sort of special programming to reach that. Literally any basic strength training program will get you there quickly as long as you eat well enough.

That being said, you seem incredibly impatient. And it also sounds like you’re chasing several goals at the same time, which you expect to complete in a 4 month span. That’s not brilliant.

Here’s the way I would lay things out, given your goals. I would first work on adding bodyweight and strength, since these are goals that can be chased simultaneously. Work on adding 5-10kg of bodyweight by eating sufficiently to gain around 1-2kg per week. Adjust your diet as you deem necessary. Don’t put a number of weeks or months on how long you expect the process to take though. You will achieve your goal lifts when you achieve them. You can’t ‘force it’. Just trust the process and whatever program you pick. Once you’re at the strength level you’re shooting for, I would continue to run the same strength training program, which in my opinion should be a 3-4 day per week lifting program, and add in one of the other physical goals you mentioned. The increased activity combined with a continued lifting program should help you begin to shed fat. Adjust calories as needed, but definitely take the dieting down SLOW. Ensure that you’re not losing strength. Ideally, you will continue to get stronger while you cut the fat. If you start to lose strength, that means you’re dieting down too fast.


Most people cannot bench half their bodyweight. Most people on this forum, I guarantee you, won’t be able to bench their bodyweight. But I guess you have high standards.
I misrepresented my thoughts. I guess what I meant was that to look a bit bigger and stronger than I currently am. And I understand it’s a damn long process. Thanks for the guide and help though. It’ll come in handy.


I’d like for you to elaborate on this.


Come on don’t do yourself disrespect. Admit that it takes a lot of effort to get strong. It takes discipline. I signed up to this forum 10 years ago. Put my first post a few years ago. I’m sure there are a lot like me.
And for the first part of my claim. I’m guessing %99 of the people in Africa can’t bench their bodyweight. Good enough?
I go to a somewhat fancy gym. Other than the trainers, I haven’t see one person bench more than me (90ish kgs) and I don’t do many reps.
How many people outside your gym life do you know that bench more than the bar?

For some reason, I’m beginning to see a correlation between guys like this and Pendlay Rows.


I’ve never known anybody that couldn’t. Granted, I’m not reaching all the way over to Africa to substantiate a statement but my wife and several nieces have, on their very first time lifting any weights, moved more than 45 lbs. on the bench press.

Maybe its just different perspectives or influences. It just never occurred to me to compare myself to people from a continent that suffers from drought, famine, pestilence, and tribal warfare on a regular basis.

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Beltless Pendlay rows, of course.

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These are, frankly, a pair of laughable statements that suggest you haven’t done very much reading in the 10 years since you’ve signed up for this forum. “Most people” on this forum certainly can bench at least their body weight.

There probably are a lot of people like you.

The comparison to Africa is, frankly, a silly leap in logic for the reasons @SkyzykS just outlined. If you just want to be stronger than people who have to worry about whether they can eat tomorrow, um, okay. Given that our living conditions are a little better on this side of the pond, I’d think you can aim higher, but if you’d just settle for being stronger than starving poor people, bully for you.

I don’t doubt that your somewhat fancy gym is lacking strong people. Most big-box commercial gyms are lacking strong people.

Anyways, if your specific goal is to bench 100kg at 80kg bodyweight is not a goal that requires anything special beyond “show up and lift weights consistently a few times per week while eating some food.” If you’d like to set some higher goals, we can talk about what else to do, but flipcollar already pretty much covered it.


Hey man what’d Pendlay Rows ever do to you? :joy:

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Right. I don’t live on the continent you are living though…
and I don’t mean benching the bar as a PR, I meant doing it for reps, but it was also just a detail.

What I meant was there are people who are members but don’t post. They start and drop out. You wouldn’t know about them since they dont show up—would you? Also I responded to the Africa comment’s logic :slight_smile:

More on that comment, clarification-wise:
It was an over the top attempt. I could just keep it with Europe or the US.
And benching the bar… these are just roundabout things.
You can bench the bar. good for you.
I’m betting %90 of the population wont be able to bench their bodyweights for 5 reps. And in developed nations, say 85%?

You can keep going with this if you want, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re setting an extremely mediocre goal and justifying it with some attempt to say that it makes you stronger than most people.

Which is fine, your goals are your own. flipcollar already told you what to do. I look forward to seeing a video of you benching 100kg’s in 4 months. Put your money where your mouth is.