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What's Next for UFC Heavies?


So, what do you all think about the division after the "changing of the guard" evident with Lesnar's destruction of superman Randy Couture? Do you think the win was due to Randy not being a natural heavyweight fighting a freakish specimen, or Randy's age? How many title defenses do you see Lesnar taking this thing? I personally think Brock can only get better with time.


I think Nog beats Mir for the interim title next month, then beats Lesnar for his belt and unifies Nog as the heavyweight beltholder. Then I think Lesnar has to fight 2-3 matches before having a chance at the belt again.

Shane Carwin is legit and Gabriel Gonzaga looked pretty dominant in his fight on Saturday, but I think the addition of Lesnar to the heavyweight division makes it stronger. But as you said, Lesnar will get better with time and he'll be around for a while.

I'm partial to Cheick Kongo, however, so I'd like to see him work his way up the ranks.


It's all uphill for him now. He get Nog/Mir next. Anything could happen with either one of those two. If he wins, he probably gets gonzaga. That's the match-up I am interested in. Carwin and Velasquez probably enter the mix after that. Unless some of the other HWs make their way to the UFC. Arlovski, Barnett, and Bigfoot would all make interesting match-ups.

There are some interesting match-up in HW division now.

Dos Santos/Kongo

You add a Barnett, Arlovski, Overeem, etc. it gets even better.


I don't see Randy staying at HW, if he does he I don't see him winning.

I'd like to see Carwin/Gonzaga next, with the winner taking on whoever the champ is down the road.


1)Velasquez and Dos Santos(trains with Nog and Silva)are the two young heavyweights to really pay close attention to.

2)I think its time to give Carwin a legit opponent.

3)I would toss Antoni Hardonk into the mix as well...I would love to see Hardonk strike it out with Kongo.

4)Gonzaga will be top contender when the HW title is settled.

5)The HW division has a heartbeat again...about damn time.


i agree with analog in that randy should not fight at heavy anymore. and i would love to see arlovski back in the octagon


If Nog happens to lose to Mir or Lesnar, we have to see him against Randy. I can't imagine them not making that fight.

Hell, they might even through Randy in against Nog if Nog defends once after beating Lesnar, and Randy rips off another win. That should put Randy right about at his last fight on his contract.

I would also like to see him against Cain, but I don't think they would want to risk velasquez loss to Randy at this point.

Lot's of interesting match-ups for Randy at LHW but I don't see them giving him a run at a title. He should stay at HW and fight Nog, win or lose.


Arlovski, Barnett, Mark Hunt and Fedor need to be back in the HW division. So we can see some fucking wars.

Gonzaga is a great matchup for anyone.

We also need a Grand Prix, yellow cards and knees on the ground mourns pride


I would rather see Overeem in the octagon than any of those guys. Then Barnett, then Arlovski. Fedor isn't going to happen. I would like to see Mark Hunt against Kongo. I wouldn't mind seeing him KTFO of Kimbo in some no-name card.

The second tier guys can be fun to watch as well. Like Rothwell or Nelson. They would make good gatekeepers in the UFC. Let'em fight all the new guys that come in. Or the old guys that are on their way out.


No idea why i forgot overeem, great point.... he's so hit and miss all the time but he'd be great to see as well.


lesner v.s the winner of nog and mir. i think nog wins that one, and nobody besides mir, (i still dispute that win, reffing was bad, all lesner needed was a few more seconds to knock him out) has figured out the massive lesner's size and strenght. the fans are not behind him, but hopefully this will help signal then end of professional wrestling.


Also can't wait to see what kind of shape Kharitonov is in. He was supposed to fight in the canceled Affliction show, I beleive.


Damn..I forgot about Sergei. Even though the first thing that came to mind was this

Which brings up the issue of seeing Aleksander fighting in the U.S. Brock isn't ready for Fedor...but is he ready for Aleksander?? :wink:


Overeem would be a monster if he had some cardio. The guy has about one good round in him and then he just falls apart. But that one round is a damn good one.

Kharitonov is one of my favorite fighters but seems to get injured a lot and easily. He is a dangerous guy and I think would be in the top 3 as far as HW go if not for all his bad luck with injuries.


The chance of any Emelianenko fighting in the UFC is pretty much jack shit. I don't think either parties want a lot to do with the other, unless some serious cash is put on the table, like pro boxing money or something.


Maybe I am missing something, but I was never really impressed with Aleks. I probably need to go back and watch some of his fights again. I do remember him getting KO'd by Cro Cop.


While I would never put Aleksander above Fedor...he does have the same Sambo and Judo background as Fedor...and he has better hands and footwork than Fedor...while being 6'6" 253lbs.

edit You mentioned Kharitonov...and Aleksander destroyed him..hence the gif above.


I would not mind seeing Overeem in the UFC. It would be interesting. A fight with Kongo would be good as long as they don't knee each other in the balls.

I wish Aleks would fight in the UFC. He is still young and has alot of talent. His boxing is really dynamic.

I think Brock is good and will get better. I think that Nog can beat him though, chin+BJJ. I think Brock can beat Mir. Gonzaga would be a good opponent for Brock.

I don't think Randy is finished, he can still compete.


Wasn't Aleksander's fight with Affliction cancelled due to some medical problem, hep C perhaps? I remember someone here talking about it, but not sure how true it was.


That was a rumor...supposedly it was Hep B. But he didn't get cleared by CSAC to fight because he didn't pass all of his physicals on time...and his visa was supposedly expiring the next day or something like that.