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Whats Next for Iraq?


So, the bush administration is feeling the political heat from the public, media, and congress to get the pullout from Iraq over with. We'll undoubtedly make a few targeted strikes against insurgent bigwigs, help the iraqi army out a little more, and then leave a few advisors to stay for a while.

The question to T-Mag is this: What will happen to iraq after we pull out?

Will the insurgents sit down and smoke a hookah after we leave, glad that the americans are out of their country?

Will they try to overthrow the current government with help from say, Iran or Syria? This is my guess


The US goverment is not trying to free the iraq people its WAY worst over there now then it ever was and now the US has all there oil besides. I think i would be pissed too seeing haliburton coming into my country behind a nation's invasion to take our black gold.

Think about it? All the spins you hear from the media/goverment means nothing if you can use basic common sense.

Do you actually think the US goverment is surpessing terrorism? They are creating it. If you look at the US's official defn of terrorism they are the biggest terrorist on the planet.

The american people while they are catching on now have been properly mislead and brainwashed.


Preach it, brother.


Careful, such reckless use of the truth can be harmful to the Great Struggle to spread Truth, Justice and The American Way (TM) to the world.

I've checked on Fox News, and there are no reports as to this alleged brainwashing.



Damn, at least post under another name, what are you trying to do, incite an invasion?

Okay, more realistically, I suspect that right now there are factions in or around Iraq that are waiting in the wings.

Seriously, do you imagine there are not Kurds sitting around right now imagining having their own country?

Perhaps you think that there are no Sunni or Shiite groups planning to carve out their own little regions where they can reign supreme?

While I hope for the best, history shows us that nation making is a very tough job... once the dominating power leaves the nations often fracture or even crumble entirely.


Typical Neocon response in five, four, three, two.....


There will be civil war. Really, it's already been a civil war. We just decided to involve ourself in it and choose a side.


The whole point of the invasion was control of oil. It wasn't just profit, nor was it access, since Iraq, like any other country, would sell to anyone willing to pay. The point was to get American bases, permanently, in the heart of the world's oil producing region.

They don't plan to leave. If they ever do, after leaving some sort of quisling government behind, they'll do a Vietnam on the country, meaning they'll destroy it so badly so as to send a message to anyone else, such as Iran, who might consider standing up to them.

By my count, I'm the third Canadian on this thread. I sure hope we don't get invaded, Vroom :slight_smile:


This thread looks like a liberals reunion or something. :wink:

Where is rainjack?


What? No Neocon response yet? They must be in the war room coordinating their responses. The flood of responses will happen soon, just wait.


Mold your tinfoil hats because the next thing you know your going to accuse the US of building an oil pipeline right out of Iraq back to the good old US.


Rumour has it, and it is only that, that the old pipeline built by the British in the 1930's through Jordan to Haifa in Israel has been reactivated. The only thing worse, to Arabs I suppose, than a pipeline to the US would be a pipeline to Israel.


See, I told you it wouldn't take long.


Maybe we should. After all, we went to all this trouble already.


Acknowledging that Iraq is facing serious problems does not make one a liberal.


In true liberal style none of you ever have anything positive to say about anything. Now I ask, instead of always bitching have any of you ever done anything to attempt to better any situation. This is mainly directed at the Americans posting here. Like you ALduh, Ever thought about joining the military.

Well surely someone as enlightened as you has a tons of formal education and could easily enter the ROTC program and receive a commission and work towards bettering the US involvement overseas. You all want to complain, but have no viable solution. It is partisan politics, you lost the lection and are going to cry about everything this or any republican administration does.


In this forum it does.


Nicely put, jsbrook.

On a broader level, all the tossing around of "neocon" and "liberal" just clouds the debate with useless pigeonholing anyway. No one completely fits any of these descriptions anyway.


You and I understand this, but the sick necon mindset of "If you don't totally agree with us, then you are against us" doesn't allow for this understanding. Questioning and criticizing the administration is bad in their mind. You are just some, unpatriotic, looney liberal that just wants to bitch and moan, but then cut and run when there is work to do. Nevermind the fact that the work to be done may not be the right work to do.


See what I mean. The only way that I could possibly be an asset to the US is to do things the way he says to do them. Anything else is unacceptable.

I find it interesting that many things were said on this post, but he decides to single me out from the crowd because I pointed out that the Neocon response is forthcoming. I guess he felt a little picked on. My, my aren't we the sensitive one?