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What's New Out There?


Im a pretty low maitenance, basics, supplement guy... quality protein, fish oils, creatine, mutli, thats about it unless I add in certain things during certain training periods,diets, etc. (I used to be the supplement of the month guy when I was like 19 I always bought the newest greatest SuperTest750 or whatever haha)....All of that said anything new that youve had success with? I hear beta-alanine is promising (havent tried it). Thoughts?


I like beta alanine. The ANACONDA Protocol (which has beta alanine and a bunch of other stuff) delivered pretty good results too. DAA (D-Aspartic Acid) looks promising as a test booster.


anyone else on this?


It's not really new anymore, but I've become a huge fan of the Anaconda Protocol.


V1? V2?


V2 for me. Beta-alanine is awesome. The impact is immediate and quite noticeable, especially if you are doing lactic-acid type of training. You get the burn but it's not as bad and you feel as if you can go forever. IMO the Beta-7 pills have worked better than whatever is in the Anaconda Protocol.

Also, if anyone is ever stressed out, try squeezing a full lime in a liter of water and drink that. Stress acidifies and this simple trick gets your body into alkaline-mode (something I picked up from Poliquin).


I am a big fan of both beta alanine and d-aspartic acid. I see both as relatively basic supplements that can help a bit. Also, glycerol supplementation pre/during workout has delivered great results for me. Strength is up and I have experienced greater hypertrophy since supplementing with glycerol, combined with carbs, aminos, and protein...oh and tons of water!


at this point, BA is a solid top 5. DAA may be on the horizon but i have read counter thought so in no hurry on this.

OP should consider VitD as well, if not getting good sunshine.


I've used both protocols and prefer V1 for "bulking."


Yeah, if we're talking health supplements, then Vit D is a top 5er.


Not really bodybuilding-related, but selenium is getting some good press lately. (It's already in ElitePro Mineral Support.) Also, I think benfotiamine is worth looking at since it helps the body purge Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs).


I'm a fan of fucoxanthine for cutting, it's a uncoupler that works by increasing levels of UCP1.

I've noticed better results when including it in my routine, and can feel the difference via how much heat is created from my body at rest.

Only problem is that it isn't the cheapest, so I just wait until some companies who sell it have a huge sale and then buy in bulk.


Not sure if it was mentioned, but Beta-A needs to be used several times daily... My understanding is that it doesn't do too much except give you some tingles if you use it once a day, unless the Beta-A in ANACONDA has some special kind? (who knows).

With that said, I really like the Beta-A, it's awesome stuff. I'm guilty tho, I use about 2.5g before I lift and consume about 7.5 grams daily, instead of the recommended 6g or so. Just to get the tingles lol, gives me the placebo effect when I lift like my muscles are indestructible... Maybe just me though.


Ok so good feedback on BA and ANACONDA protocol (along with some other mentions, including DAA). What is V1 V2? Are we talking Velocity Diet?


Read up on this site about Anaconda and you'll see what the deal is. Even if you just use the anaconda outside of the protocol's it's a great sup. I used to used V2 but then my training got side tracked [patellar sprain - yuk/fail] and I got fat so now i just use 2 scoops of anaconda and then 1 scoop leucine with my PWO Low Carb Low Fat Low Fun Meal [~45mins later(ish)].



TIL glycerol can be used as a BB supp...

How much are you adding to pre/during shakes?




havent loooked into Anaconda stuff AT ALL......but have seen some good feedback on here. I Remember alotta hype about dosing lecine throughout the day (b4 Anaconda came out) also with good feedback. Any comments?