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What's New and Great?


I was looking to try another prohormone and would like your take on the latest and greatest one out there for what we all want, SIZE and STRENGTH.


Question: is that you in the avatar and do you compete as a natty?


This is not the right board for prohormones...


Why on earth would you think newer would make for better in this case?

It's the other way around: generally in this category, newer means scraping deeper into the dregs of the barrel.


Bill Roberts is 110% correct. If you look at smaller nutrition shops you can usually find some older PH's that were supposed to be taken off the shelf. I have one thats about 2 miles from my house that sells all sorts of banned PH's

I was actually speaking with the manager today & he was saying this new Finaflex 550 XD is flying off his shelves but doesnt expect it to be legal for too long.



The pic is me and I competed 100% natty all diet.

I would love to grab some old stuff but most off it is gone or I just dont know where to look.
so if you have a suggestion like that Finaflex 550 xd I would love to hear about it.

So what is the low dow on the Finaflex 550 xd


Yes that is me in the pic and I competed 110% natty all diet.

I agree that the old school is better but I am having a hard time finding them or dont know what I should be looking for.

Any suggestions on different types please shoot them to me.


You are aware that taking Prohormones is cheating in natural comps yes?


yes, so no more natural comps. I will have to play with the big boys.


Are you then saying that you are going into the untested events using just PH's?

(FWIW - with the kind of development you have naturally, i would be quite excited to see what you can do in 5 years on juice..)


this was going to be my next question haha