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What's My Problem?


Hi all, thought id post here for some advice and opinions as i have been extremely concerned, anxious, down and a bit of a hypochrondriac of what is going on with me.

My biggest complaint at the moment is almost a constant ache in both of my bicep tendons, noticeably at the crease of the elbows at the insertion of joints. Most of the time it's mild discomfort, but noticeable and the arms feel tired easily.

Next to this, when the aches in this area ease off, what i notice the most next is my achilles tendons, and the tendons/ligaments where the foot connects to the ankle. So most of the time, it seems it's in one body part at a time, or that's what i think i seem to be noticing.

I haven't worked out in a long time, id say 8 months or so, as i was having a lot of nagging pains and all, don't know if this at all relevant but thought id throw it in, the skin around my elbows feels like it's more loose and stretchy, not sure if that's been recent or not though.

Ive been in a right state mentally over it all, and i do need to get some help mentally with that, which im going to get some councselling for. Last week i awoke in the night, feeling unwell, but with the most terrible back pain, Ive been having some pain in my back and neck recently, but i feel it may be more mechanical, and the neck pain seems as though it was related to having real tight traps.

So i was at A+E and they found nothing just gave me pain killers, later that day i spent in bed and i had a lot of sickness and diarhea. My stomach seems to be a bit out recently still and Ive had some bad stools.

Ive seen a few docs and other healthcare people, an osteopath ive seen seems to think it's some growing pains and a lot of anxiety and worry. Alot of the time im unable to switch off from waking up in the morning til i go to bed then repeat the vicious cycle the next day. I asked the osteo about fibromyalgia as this really worried me and he said almost certainly that he didn't feel it was that, and BBB who i have seen not too long ago feels this isn't the case either, which means a strong opinion to me.

I went for a swim today as i have been doing next to nothing, as im getting all sorts of thoughts in my head, not wanting to walk much incase my feet hurt which at times they do, but went for a swim, and i enjoyed it, but stopped after 30mins or so, i rarely swim so im not too good at it, and my arms were really aching along with the bicep tendons, as though they were so fatigued, i also felt really sick and had a terrible stitch during it, Ive been feeling a bit dizzy/light headed a bit recently too Ive noticed.

Ive been paying attention to aches and pains i normally wouldn't give a second thought, and have stopped looking stuff up as that doesn't help and hasn't solved anything. I know anxiety increases sensititivty to pain, so perhaps that's a big deal of the whole thing, i don't know, but Ive been crying a bit lately feeling so terrible each day and really fearing what my future holds, but i know this isn't the right way to deal with things and need to just grit my teeth and get on with things as best i can for now.

Any suggestions? Doc wanted to try me on some anti depressants but i haven't decided to take those yet.

Im fragile, so please be careful, lol.

Oh and im 19.


I did that too but thankfully i was able to recover the message.

Anxiety, i feel a lot is fearing the worst and thinking that no one or nothing can help me and im going to have to live in pain and suffering. The pain in the tendons noticeably started id say 2-3 months ago, hurting during daily activities, although before that, i noticed them hurting during simple things like walking the dog (although he’s a strong puller lol). And doing some pull ups will aggravate them, even 1 or 2, consider in the past i was able to do 20 or so.

Pain started 2-3 months ago (in bi tendons)
Nothing special that i can recall
Worried about having an incurable illness or that no doc or people will be able to help me - this is my biggest fear.

Inner conflict - not sure really, although i feel things always happen to me, say if it were getting sick or that sort of thing, which i hate myself for and suffered a lot from low self esteem in the past.
Sleep is generally good, get in enough hours, although i normally wake up at least once in the night.


I’m no shrink, but I have suffered from anxiety for a long time, so I can just share what I know.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, you may be suffering from anxiety or sleep apnea, can be anything, hard to say from here.
In example, when I have some kind of inner conflict, I wake up 3-4 times in the middle of the night until I solve the problem. That “things always happen to me” is a victimist attitude…especially if you have suffered from low self esteem in the past. Try to get that fixed and get a more positive approach. It’s something that can be learned, I can tell you from experience.

I can even relate to your fear because I had some sinus issue and it seemed that nothing could ever cure it. I actually still have it, but it doesn’t affect my life.

And again, I’m no professional, but I’d say that pain is real and your fears are just making it worse.

You have to believe that you’ll find a real doctor who will want to help you. I really believe you will, so maybe start looking for someone who wants to help you. Someone to whom you can say what you are telling us and he’ll say “Let’s find a solution then”.

Good luck!


Thanks for your thoughts mate. Hope to get some councselling soon.