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What's My Bodyfat?


What is my body fat ,I have lost 39 lbs in the last 7 months and getting ready to try to gain some muscle on a calorie surplus,I am 39 and put on fat very quick,I need to really watch my intake,I'm at 160 lbs and leaner than I have ever been so hopefully that will help out on some muscle.


you look lean. somewhere in the 9-14 range most likely. congrats on losing all that fat, time to start making some gainz!


I also need some advise of a routine,I have degenerating disc and elbow tendonites but that’s life,I’m just going to work smart and keep moving,that said I’m in it for overall health and to look good,but I want to be as strong as I can,I don’t mind putting on a little fat but not 30 plus lbs again,it’s just to hard to get off.i really like this 4day u/l workout,I think it would keep me motavated instead of something like starting strength were I’m always going heavy.i really want to keep adding weight every week or two to the main lifts.
Thanks for the advise,I’m really excited to start over because before I knew nothing about macros or cal surplus etc.
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I would agree that putting 30 lbs of fat back on would be a mistake. My avatar picture is as fat as I ever get. I’m currently leaner than that picture, and still making progress. The more attention you pay to details in your diet, the more likely you are to stay lean.

Staying lean, for the most part, will have a positive effect on both aesthetics and health. Training the major compound lifts consistently will make you strong. The X-factor, as I said before, will be diet. You need to eat enough to support muscular gains, but not so much that you put on an inordinate amount of fat. Be willing to manipulate caloric intake based on what you see in the mirror.