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Whats My Body Fat?


Hey guys, these are some pics, the lighting sucks but here they are anyway. I'm guessing about 12% but I could be wrong. Thanks.




not sure why you're concerned with your body fat %.

you need more muscle.


Higher than twelve. I'm guessing 16-17ish




Hold up a shoe for calibration purposes.


The shoe gives us reference. Like placing a ruler in a picture. But shoes are more sensitive for body fat to mass ratio than rulers


Dude stop worry about your damn fat%, just eat well and train hard and perhaps after a couple of years you are where you want to be strenght and looks wise.



Does that help?

In all seriousness who cares just train, get stronger, eat good 90% of the time and you'll figure the rest out along the way.


Sorry but the later posts are accurate. You're bodyfat percentage should be of no concern. Put some mass/muscle on and then worry about it. So in other words, come back when your 30 lbs. heavier.


And once you "get there", these are good guidelines to live by.




Definitely not 12%.

Closer to 17-20%


Because he's a teenager and, for whatever reason, bodyfat percentage is like some kind of bragging rights nowadays.

My girlfriend's kiddo is 5'9" and 130 on a full stomach and he was constantly bugging me to measure his bodyfat. I've told him, "weigh in at 140 two days in a row, then I'll measure it." He has since stopped bugging me. :wink:

Jeverett, how're your other goals coming along? I see that earlier this year you were talking about shooting for a 1.5xBW squat. That's the kind of concrete, measurable goal you need to be focused on.


Thanks everybody, and yeah i know it's silly to be too concerned about body fat right now, and im not. I honestly dont care much at the moment, just was curious and bored :). What i am focusing on is the main compound lifts, strengthening my entire body in general and becoming overall stronger and heavier. Although I do look small in the photos, I do weigh about 200 pounds at 6 ft, 16 years old.

Made that goal :slightly_smiling: working now towards 2x, i mainly work out for athletic purposes and squatting is definitely the biggest and most important part of my workout, along with deadlifts.


Very cool, man. That's the right attitude. Decide your goal, find a plan, and attack it. Keep going, and toss up any questions you have along the way.