What's my Body Fat % ?

I just finished a fat fast steroid diet using MAG-10 and dieting severely. I lost 9 lbs. in 2 weeks and look better. My diet went well and now I’m back at maintenance calories, still only 150g carbs though. I expect to gain some water and glycogen weight back in the next 2 weeks. Please visit my site and evaluate my BF% at: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

The pictures do look better enlarged b/c you can see definition more clearly. Thanks for replies in advance guys.

The web page you are trying to access doesn’t exist on Yahoo! GeoCities.

… however, for some strange reason, it does now. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, either the geocities is painfully slow or the pics are GB sized… I will have to look them up tomorrow when I am in the office and have a faster connection.

Scott, I’m not sure what you bf% is, but I must ask: How do you manage to stick to walls like that? Is it a side effect of MAG-10? If so, I think I just found a new use for my old Spider-Man jammies :).

I obviously don’t have access to any of your measurements, but my track record with my clients is usually very good when it comes to visually estimating their body fat percentage. Your guess of 10-11% is right on the money. My advice to you would be to go pick up some Accu-measure calipers at a GNC or sport store and visit Bodyfat Calculators push page

why is there 3 boxes for each body part measurement on that site??

The three boxes are so that you’ll have the average of three measurements. Often, one of the measurements is slightly off, so repeating each site three times reduces the chance of error. Also, it’s best to take a measurement at the chest, then the abdomen, then the quad, and then go back to repeat each one. This ensures that the area regains its original characteristics, and so that you won’t be tempted to just measure the same pinch three times.

There is 3 boxes for repeated measures. You need to measure each site at least 3 times. For instance, you measure the chest 3 seperate times and might get 9,10, and 11 mm. Then you measure the abdominal region and get 19, 20, 21. Then you measure the thight and get 14,15, and 16. The average works out to be 10, 20 and 15 for a total of 45 and a %body fat of 12.95% for a 24 year old. If you only took one meaure, your total could range from 42-48 and your body fat could range from 12.05 - 13.83%. Obviously, it is better to take several measures at each site to make sure you have an average sample from that area rather than the high or the low. Feel free to ask more questions if curious.