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What's My BF%


[b]Sorry, I miss the Balla3 thread.[/b]


Nothin' like a carcass to measure bodyfat. Admirable job on being scary!

Word to wookieballa3.



I can't tell if it's 12.68% of 13.14%. I'm guessing somewhere in that range.


1 billion.


Nice carcass. So what is that thing anyway? Looks like something you'd find in those damned Missouri hills...


Wild pig?


I think it's a man holding a dead animal.


Ozarks... and it looks like a wild sow taken by an arrow. Congrats!


Yup, it's a pig and it's not me. I just found it on the web. Mean looking guy though. Pig killah!


I'd say pig molester seems more likely. He has the look of a gene pool gone septic.


Dude, he's got a rifle on his back, and that weird kind of deleveance look in his eye...


I'm guessing your body fat is whatever I can say that won't make you kill me%.


I wasn't going to say anything cuz I thought that was you but that man looks like a child molester.

He's got "the smile:" http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=spot_the_pedo


oh thank god...


Something to cheer you up.




Should have been a little black stilletto, maybe the ones that tie around the ankles.


Is that Tori Amos?


If Tori keeps that shoe in her mouth, she can sit there looking pretty all day long. I think I would like that very much.


Yep. Best picture of her is the one where she is nursing a baby pig, though. Too bad I can't find it. It would have been perfect for this thread.