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What's My BF %?


Please DON'T rate my physique, I know it's nothing! But I have been dieting for a while and would like to know what my BF is, and how far you guys think I am from a six pack (in terms of time).

Getting married in two weeks!


hahahah I was REEEEEEALLY hoping for a shoe in this pic.

OP... you've been a member since 02 and done know the rules here and where to post this?


Well where do I post it? There must be people on this website able to make an informed guess based solely on that pic?!


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Thanks. I don't really train abs, just do core lifts.


No shoe? Oh well, nice abzz bro. Goetz a 10 from me.

Edit: nice year/post average, btw.


I accidentally posted on here because I thought this would be a helpful community.

That right there? Was my mistake.


Yes, yes it was. I would never come here for help.

I would estimate at about 14% as well. Hard to tell with one shot, but it's probably close.


I put you higher than 14% because you should have at least some out line of abs at 14%. Or maybe you just don't have any actual abs which means you should probably train them. No wheels pic means you got a low rating lol.


Some people have to get well into the single digits before they have good abs (myself included). I would estimate 12-13% as well. Maybe 4-5 weeks of hard dieting, lifting, and cardio and with a tan in good lighting, you'd look pretty lean.