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What's More Impressive?


Personally, I am a powerlifter who uses equipment. However, I keep finding myself wondering what's more impressive: Rychalk's 1000 pound bench equipped or Mendelson's 700 raw. I cant decide, what do all you guys think?


At a certain point, a lift becomes so mind-boggling that you can't really compare.

Like what hurts more: Being stabbed with a rusty nail or being stabbed with a slightly smaller but rustier nail? Hell I don't know, both would hurt.


I think they're both more impressive than I can comprehend. I don't know what any thing close to those weights feels like.

I also never tried any shirt other than a single ply, closed back, so I don't know from experience how much work must go into learning how to use the shirt correctly.

Both very amazing lifts that took a lot of consistancy and dedication to achieve.


700 raw.

If for nothing else, because I don't have to wonder how much of it is due to the equipment.


I still don't really "get" the whole equipment thing. I'd like to see barefoot squats (ala Arnold) and raw EVERYTHING else.
Unless someone can explain why olympic swimmers shouldn't wear flippers or other such nonsense.


its funny you bring up swimmers as many are wearing suits now to enhance performance

honestly I think both are crazy and don't need others opinions to figure out whats impressive.


can somebody explain why they wear the full body race suits?


Actually it would be interesting to see an event where flippers are allowed. Faster swimming and would be much more strength-oriented.


The fabric of the suit has a lower drag coefficient than skin. So the more surface covered by the suit, the less drag acts on the swimmer and he/she goes faster.


I think the womens swimming would be more impressive without the swimsuits.


Mendleson's lift, by far.


I'm gonna agree with Nate. I can not conceive of the type of strength it would take to do either feat, so I can't really say which is more impressive. Looking at it objectively, Gene's is probably more impressive because there are far more suited benchers than raw benchers, so Gene's facing a more competitive field.

Subjectively Mendelson's is more impressive, because what Gene did didn't even look like a benchpress anymore, the range of motion was ridiculously small. Also fat should not be allowed to give you an advantage in the benchpress. So I don't know in the end. They're both extremely strong fellows.


Both Lifts were amazing, but I give Mendy more props for the raw lift. I wonder how much Rychlak gets out of his shirt? I know his shirt is like a double ply of three plys laminated together or some crazy shit. It's unreal that he can even use that thing. Just for fun my partner put an open back double ply size 50 Rage X over a single ply 46 Rage X and he had like a three inch range of motion with 700#.


Mendelson's raw is more impressive in my opinion. I know I'll get bitched at for this, or anything along the lines of it. BUT, I think raw lifts are more impressive than any of the lifts that use equipment. Cause it's all you and no help. Just your body, mind, and the weight itself. Anyone agree with me? How many disagree also? I'd like to know. Just that I always think raw is more impressive.




Rhetorical questions are nice


i tend to agree with the fact that raw lifts are more impressive, but we have to face the fact that people want to see lifters lift heavy weights.. and equipment makes the weights go up.. and up.. :slight_smile: I think the sport would loose a few fans if all the records went down 50-100kg..


Equipped lifts these days are just plain ugly. These super shirts and such dont add to the sport, they make it kinda beastly. It bothers me too much to not know what the shirt is adding to his bench.

It should be about lifting weights, not learning to use some monstrous shirt that doesnt allow you to touch anything under a pr to your chest and restricts movement to so little I didnt even realize rychlak had started pressing until it was over.

-Rant over.


Equipment has nothing to do with a small range of motion.