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What's Keeping Me from My Goals?

Okay so I’m seeking out some advice from you wise young lads and ladies as to why I’m not achieving the results I tirelessly strive for year in year out. Am I eating to much? Training too hard ? Not eating enough ? Not training hard enough?
I want to be more defined, but my muscles always look like globs lmao …
K details
I’m 5"0 and 132lbs
I train 6 days a week
3 squat days one is high rep and pin squat accessory
One is medium with high bar paused as accessory
One is heavy with front squat as accessory
I don’t take squats to failure . I stay within a range for each day and only increase if on heavy day I can add weight and maintain solid form .
I have three shoulder days . One pump style one heavy and one medium/ mixed I do after one of my squat sessions ( other squat days i do legs after)
I have one back day and I do bi tri after shoulder crap and back day
I do cardio 5 times a week on the step mill 20 to 30 minutes plus walks
I sleep 8hrs a night
Nutrition is like this :
Fini bar and surge workout fuel like 5am
Mag 10 like 9 am after workout
11am breakfast two peices ezikeil bread 2 eggs quarter cup egg whites um oh almond butter 1tablespoon half cup this Bob’s red mill hot cereal stuff
Yes my breakfast is massive but I’m starving after I lift and I eat little the rest of the day so the bulk of my shit is timed good me thinks?
Lunch 3.8oz chicken breast quarter cup quinoa cooked some veg
Supper 4.3oz chicken breast and one third cup rice massive pile veg
Pre bed scoop protein powder mixed with that PB2 stuff and some water and nuke it so it’s this like pudding thing
Last time I worked out calorie shit it was like 2050
I have one cheat meal a week but it’s just like more of what I already eat or thigh instead of breast
I’m starving plz don’t tell me I eat like a pig hahha
So is all this super wrong?
K bye

Oh also I make myself move all day because I have a phobia of sitting LOL

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3 Squat days

3 Shoulder days

1 Back Day

I think we found your problem.


Well I had it like that because my back was more defined than other areas and I wanted kick ass delts like the super hero’s heh

Here’s an example of my back
The definition doesn’t bother me here it doesn’t seem globby like my delts and arms have no separation


If the issue is your body composition then it’s your diet. I assume when you say “globs” you mean you are too fat, in which case you need to lower your calories.

What is your macro breakdown protein/carbs/fats?

And I personally think your routine is just awful. 3 squat days, 3 shoulder days and 1 back day?

Your post formatting makes my eyes bleed. Please write paragraphs and punctuate properly. I know you know how.

But yeah - let’s start with the specifics of your diet and go from there.


Ok so I did math and it said 1895 cal 160g pro 255 carb and 30 grams fat.

Why do you hate my routine so much ? Lol
I want a big bum and big delts what should I be doing differently? But yes I have no definition around my arms really . I want my triceps and biceps away from my delts !!!

Edit I forgot something and added it updated totals

Oh also most of those carbs are consumed before and after workout

Ok, so if you’re not happy with your body composition on this, you’re going to need to cut some shit down. When I cut I like to give it the ole “hit-and-quit-it” style, so brutally low calories for a short period instead of fucking around in a slight deficit for ages. I’d cut your calories down to 1300 by cutting your carbs waaaaaay down. 8 weeks of that you’ll look like a new girl.

Some people like to keep their calories higher and cut for longer. Never really understood that…

It’s silly. I understand the logic - you want a big bum and shoulders so you squat squat squat, shoulders shoulders shoulders. But why stop at 3 squat/shoulder days? Why not 4? 5?

You’re training them too much. I would just do a 4 day/week upper/lower split.

You can squat twice, you can train your shoulders twice, but you’ll also train the rest of your body too! So something like:

Day A Upper

Bench heavy
OHP (or high incline) volume
Face Pulls
Triceps/Lateral Delts (do these as a superset)

Day B Lower

Hip Thrusts
Abs stuff

Day C Upper

OHP heavy (or high incline)
Chest Volume (could use a machine instead of barbell if one was so inclined)
Face Pulls
Rear Delts/Biceps (superset these too)

Day D
Hip Thrusts
Reverse Lunges
Abs stuff

Or whatever. You’re giving all of your body attention which is a way better way of doing things than how you are now.

EDIT: forgot rep ranges:

-Heavy stuff sets of 3-6
-Volume pressing sets of 8-12
-Rows and pulldowns sets of 10-15
-Face Pulls, arms stuff and raises sets of 12-15
-Never less than 12 reps of anything for lower body.


and you can keep doing your cardio if you must

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You should have 40g at your bodyweight at a minimum (i.e your deep into a weight cut). At 1900kcals, I’d aim for 55g, balance out the extra calories by reducing protein and maybe carbs

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Thanks for the feedback guys . I was secretly hoping everyone would tell me to eat more but I knew that wouldn’t be real :laughing:

I don’t know anything about the particulars, but I’d be willing to bet that if you switched to a BB split and did like a mini prep cut type of thing your shape would be soul crushingly good.

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Haha I remember reading a fat loss article that said start with BW x 14 calories and adjust from there.

At the time I was eating like x 12. I thought awesome! About 400 cals per day and I’ll still drop weight…

Nope lol

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Well, crap. Your back looks better than mine but at least I’ve got guns!

The sad truth is that your body stores some of its excess in your arms. Mine puts it on my love handles. To get the defined look you’re going for you’ll have to cut the fat until the definition is there.

@Yogi1 is a glutton for punishment so you could try his approach and suffer for a while and see where you’re at…or you can go slower…or try the two weeks of cutting and two weeks of maintenance approach. It really doesn’t matter.

I’m probably going to punish myself for 2-4 weeks of strict restriction at some point to shed some fat during my two year bulking plan. I think one should consider the amount of fat that’s going to be shed when picking a plan. I don’t think the severe restriction plan would be good for someone who needed to lose 50 lbs but it could work for 10-15 lbs.


Train and eat like bodybuilder/figure athlete, you will reach your goals.

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I take my fat as low as 30g for months at a time lol


I did some research into this a while back after having fek all fat for 3 months. I basically ended up with an old fella you needed, at a minimum, Alicia Vikander, to get going lol.

Anyway, general recommendation was stay around 25% for hormone health and avoid going below 20%. Seemed a positive outcome lol

hahaha yeah I dont think its bad advice I just know the best I ever felt and looked for that matter was when I worked with Amit Sapir who had me taking in 38g of fat on average for almost 2 years. But, fish and rice 6 times a day isnt for every one haha

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Well a lot of figure chicks place more emphasis on glutes and delts because those are the proportions they are after . One time I joined up on a site for one and she said she only trained chest like once a month.
The reason I pick squats so often or have my exercise selection the way that I do is because I have issues with pinched nerves and can’t feel my right glute during deadlifts or thrusts. It could be 2lbs or 200 and it wouldn’t fire . I get dry needling done but it doesn’t last long enough for me to put those exercises into rotation.
I also have a lot of muscle imbalances that I train around so most of my upper body stuff is one side at a time . I’m just trying to stick to things that I feel, but that rules out a lot of compound work but being able to feel squats effectively kinda saves the day .
I always thought HFT was the way to go , but maybe it’s time for a change