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What's it like to be ripped?

I was thinking about starting this thread last week. It’s funny that Lonnie Lowery mentioned this in his article “Temporal Nutrition, Part 1” in the new T-Mag.

Let’s get some other opinions/experiences. Maybe that can help to motivate those of us who who never quite made it to the realm of single digit body-fat levels.


Ok before people laugh I have spent most of my life at 4-8 percent bodyfat. I know I know people are already calling BS, but when you are a younger High School kid (especially male) you tend to think about the beach, 6-packs, and achieving the “tanned-up, grease-monkey look,” as Lonnie Lowery and Rob Fortney so eloquently put it. Anyways I enjoyed being ripped, but have been on a bulking cycle for quite some time and enjoy that to. I suppose it all depends on the individuals metabolism, but getting ripped is not very hard for me at all, whereas eating a lot and gaining mass is a much slower and more rigid process. Anyways long story short, being ripped is nice, but being HYOOGE and RIPPED is far superior.