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What's It Like to Be Older?


I mean 35+

I'm 21 right now and My top priorities are;

  1. Getting laid

  2. getting in shape

  3. making lots of money so I can regularly fuck 20 year olds when I'm 40+(not going so well)

does any of this change??

do you lose the eye of the tiger?

Is there a point where you stop giving a fuck and put your life on auto-pilot??

I realized only a select people from this forum can answer this. For the rest, your opinions are welcomed....


Drunk posting?


lol... more like... stoned posting.......


It shows. We'll see how strong you go at it when those years of only focusing on getting laid lead to 3 or 4 children with women you really don't like so most of your paycheck gets spread out before you ever get any in the bank. Most people fall into a rut because that is where they are in life and responsibilities keep them from focusing on anything other than the very next paycheck. The current economic environment doesn't exactly allow most people over the age of 35 to do much else but work even more so they can maintain their lifestyle.

Unless you are working a career that pays six figures a year, the chances of you even having much to put away in savings is greatly decreased.

I am not 35 but unless you are already well on your way to making 6 figures, claiming your goal is to make lots of money is a little flimsy.

What are you doing now that will lead to you making lots of money to attract those 20 year olds? You are signed in the NFL or NBA? You are in med school or some equivalent that makes roughly the same a year? You inherited millions from a dead family member?


I want to be a professional fire truck .


I'm 30...I get laid whenever I want, I'm getting stronger and I make decent money. I also put in the time. College, the best 8 years of my life.

Have fun screwing 20 year olds...I can't even be around 20 year olds without wanting to puke.


I'm 21 as well. I kind of worry about the same thing sometimes, except my concern is more about me worrying about my body falling apart. I LOVE lifting and if I lost the ability to do so, I have no idea what I'd do with myself.

The other two things that worry me are mediocrity and kids. I sure as hell don't want to be just ok at what I do; I want to do what I love (even though I'm not 100% sure what that is yet) and I want to be the best at it. As for kids, that just seems frightening as hell to deal with, but then again, I'll need someone to mow the lawn and mix Manhattans.

Still... aging seems scary.


I can agree with that, but what I was getting at more is that if by 21 you aren't already well on your way to making some sort of decent income, expecting to somehow magically become rich by 40 isn't too bright. I spent my 20's working my ass off in school and the military...which is why I can afford shit in my 30's. Some of the people I grew up with who truly had the mentality of screwing everything walking didn't make it out so well.

I knew TONS of people who screwed around from 18-30 only to suddenly be hit with a family and a dead end job that they are now stuck in. Those would be the type who have to change their priorities and give up any other "dreams" they may have had.


I havn't thought about getting older in a long time. I just do my best in school, try to be a good person and get jacked. I've always had the idea that as long as I apply the same intensity in school that I do in the gym, I won't end up on the streets.

I don't have goals of being super rich or anything, but I'm on my way to being very well off. And fucking 20 year olds right now seems like a blast, but all I've heard from older guys (like the one above) is when you get older, then just get fucking annoying, and suck in bed.

And I don't worry about sex, I have a girl that wants it more then I do. And I keep life interesting, gym, new motorcycle, local rugby teams, that kinda shit. I'm only 19 though, so I might just be a retarded little kid.


I think these are better options:

1.) Work on being a decent human being.
2.) Find a career that will challenge you and not make you dread waking up every morning.
3.) Have fun, but not at the expense of other people.
4.) Work out, but don't let it rule your life. Or, anything, for that matter....especially money.
5.) Make good use of the time that you have right now, to LIVE and do things that you can't do when you're married with children.

Your thoughts and priorities will probably change many times before you get my age.

Working out and staying healthy, makes getting older a little easier.


Any girl much under 24-25 is likely extremely annoying. They don't seem to even start to mature until about 23 or later. Me talking to the average 20 year old girl would be like you sitting in a classroom filled with 12 year olds. I personally can't stand "chatter" and that is pretty much all you get.


Is Dylan McDermott nice in person?


A lot of the dudes are like that too man, they seem to attract eachother


My wife is a teacher, so many of her/our friends are also teachers. X, you hit it pretty accurately where 25 is about the cutoff for when women go from annoying to interesting. I would use that to differentiate between girls and women.

Stuntman, you should hear what the "women" say about the under 25 crowd, pretty much the same thing. They also like to laugh at the little guys in size smalls...girls might like the waif thin look, but women like someone who looks like a man.


I'm 43 & your current priorities do not equal "eye of the tiger". I'll blow that off since you said you were stoned.

To answer your other questions, no you don't have to lose your passion for life & growth. But you do have to actively seek out opportunities to better yourself, which most people can't be bothered to do. It helps to have a passion - for me its martial arts, for my husband (age 47) its competitive mountain biking, for my friend its teaching middle school. Anything that keeps the fire going inside you will help keep the "auto-pilot" from turning on. And its okay for one passion to grow into another.

Just look around you at the older people on this site. They're more active & alive than most "regular" people far younger than they. My husband rides with a guy in his early 70's who is the national road race champion in his age group & he smokes healthy athletes in their 30's & 40's, so don't be afraid it's all downhill for you after 25 - you just have to make it a priority.

And Prof X & I'mhungry are right. Earn yourself a place in the workforce that doesn't make you dread getting up in the morning & don't leave a wake of babies behind you.


The number one main thing I have learned at 38 soon to be 39 years living this life is that time moves at the speed of light. Believe me when I tell you this you are 21 today and in the blink of an eye you will wake up at 31 ten years older. It goes fast and unfortunately in most cases it takes getting getting old or older to realized this.

So, with that knowledge I now try to do the things that make me feel like I'm living as often as I can and keep my body physically fit so I can engage in those activities. As long as a disease or freak accident doesn't take us before our time we'll be the elderly people we now look at as so old.

Make the present from here to there as exciting and fun as possible because the hardships will always be there. And as we get older the ones we love and took care of us will get older and pass on so don't take them for granted and spend as much with them as possible.



QFT. Best reply so far. Your life is what you make it so at 21 you have a lot of time to either a) make it great, or b) fuck it up royally.


One hundred percent true.

We buy our time to get to 16, 18, 21.... Then, like you said, all of a sudden we're looking at 30 and you wonder where the time went. It's scary.

Another thing is that most people are just pissing away Monday through Friday, just to get to the weekend. Working out helps me look forward to to tomorrow, not just Saturday and Sunday.

And as cliche as it sounds, enjoy the stupid little moments in life.... they're the things that you'll remember most.


Brotha, I'm 41 and I will tell you this RIGHT NOW is the time to prepare. No one really knows if they will live to be 100 or 20. Enjoy your life but live so you can not just enjoy it today but for as long as your breathing.

  1. Getting laid.(ohhhh Hellllll yeah) but don't do dangerous things that your next lay ends up being your last.

  2. Money. Man focus on what really makes you happy something you enjoy. Because if you can wake up on a bad day and still enjoy what you do for a living then its worth more than having millions and wanting to jump off a roof.

  3. Lifting. When I was 21 I wanted to be Lee Haney. Now I realize that if you lift keep one thing always in the back of your mind. Having 20inch biceps and a six pack wont matter much if the other guy can walk and you can't. Your legs, lower back you want those strong because they will carry you thru life. If I live to be old I man 80+ years old with people in there 30's 40's saying wow he moves better than I do.

I'm still compete ting now, still have goals and numbers I have yet to reach and plan to. But if you're going to be alive you might as well LEARN TO LIVE.


I'm damn glad this didn't turn into another lolcat thread (which I was afraid of after the 'stoned' comment). I don't really have any older males in my life who can share their wisdom and "life lessons" so it's always cool when threads like these crop up.

Thank God the right crowd got here before the 4chan-wannabe Nationers did.

edit: ain't nuthin' wrong with a well-placed lolcat, though.