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What's Industrial Music All About?


Can't stand without a minute without music, so I listen to it a lot, but I never quite understood industrial musicians as Trent Reznor for example. I mean, he has been called genious all over the internet. I also never unedrstood the multiple genres of music they use.

And yes, I know that to some it may be not only stupid question, but ignorant too, that I was this close to makeing a new account to post this, but that would be helluva trollin'.


Industrial has been a type of music for 20+ years. A little late to the game don't you think.


Reznor a genius? Hardly.
I remember some rock critic calling Jack White the same thing. Pff.


I'm not a big fan of Industrial, out side of Trent Reznor/NIN, so I won't speak to the whole genre.

It seems Nine Inch Nails is often drawn to projects speaking on the ties of sex and violence, love and hate. Several songs address the deconstruction of the soul by the modern, "civilized" world.

It's about the dirty, ugly, fucking truth of the human condition.


Despite your artistic awesomeness, I must disagree. At the least, Reznor is a genius for his musical talents with the various instruments and technologies he uses.

Keep in mind, though, I am amazed by a simple drum solo, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


Give KMFDM a try

I suggest Hau Ruck or Ultra as starters


That's exactly what I was thinking, I just needed to hear it from someone else.

*namor - I'm really trying to be openminded and give more bands a chance, but all in all, NIN and KMFDM are the only ones I really like.


It is Goth in it's purest form, the definition given is an absolute truth. I'll suggest Razed in Black" as well, they have a lot of remixes of NIN and KMFD if you don't want to go too deep into the genre.


Give "Front Line Assembly" a listen, particularly their "Millenium" album. It's similar to KMFDM in that it's a gateway between metal and industrial, but it's quite a bit harder.


I personally think Trent Reznor is a genius, no one makes music that sounds like his (though im sure there are plenty of imitators), it's not even true industrial, in fact few bands nowadays are, they are more like hybrids.

I know the guitar worshippers will disagree on the genius part, just because Trent doesn't rip out crazy complicated solos on every song, but the guy knows how to write awesome music, and does it all himself, only has a regular backing band for tours. Like Vash mentioned, the guy is great with technology and the producing part, and is a multi instrumentalist. He's also had a huge influence on music and now even the way musicians make a profit. I'd say the best albums to listen to would be The Fragile, Downward Spiral, and Ghosts. If people haven't really listened to those three, then I don't think they have a right to form an opinion on Trent.


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Rock critics are stupid, but Reznor is considered a genius by many, not just the critics.


lol. I'm pretty sure this makes you my new best friend.



What Chris said

Also, Reznor is the reason this thread was created. The sound that NIN had opened up industrial music to a much larger audience. I'm obviously a fan, so therefore I'm a bit biased, but I think that even if you don't like the music, you can at the very least appreciate and respect what he did.


<3 <3 <3


You might also want to check out Minisry and Pig. Pig was formed by Raymond Watts who fronts KMFDM. Trent Reznor produced some of their work.

Ftr, Reznor/NiN and KMFDM are awesome.

One of my many favorites....


Great songs posted so far.

Combichrist + Ministry = WIN.


Truth. I remember listening to Husker Du in the early/mid-80's. I remember it being described in guitar and music/ent mags as "Industrial", "Industrial Hardcore", "Industrial Punk", etc.

I hear these guys in Reznor's stuff. No doubt an influence. Way ahead of its time. Add some synth and you have NiN.


I'd kinda forgotten just how fucking awesome Zen Arcade was(is). I gotta dig out this cd and rip this to my workout playlist (actually, I might have this on vinyl!! lol)

Listen to this: