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What's in Your Water?

I’m looking for new ways to encourage more water intake and was wondering what most people do? A guy at my gym uses chrystal light (1/2 the dose that the label suggests) for flavor.

I have a few options depending on what I am doing.

  • Surge! for lifting days. Fill 25+oz shaker with ice, add 1.5 scoops, top off with water…and repeat for the ride home.

For Cardio days

  • Plain ole water - it’s best with lots of ice

  • Watered down Low-Carb Grow! Fill 25+oz shaker with ice, add one scoop of Low-Carb Grow!, add one serving stevia powder (or splenda), top off with water

  • Root beer extract! Just a drop or two of real root beer extract plus a little stevia in that 25oz shaker of ice/water is great and refreshing too!

Just go cold turkey with plain water. After a while you’ll like it.


I’m with bigmike. Drink water for long enough and you’ll like it. It’s WATER for christsakes.

A way that I encourage my water intake is I just plan it into my day. I have a Nalgene bottle and I just say “okay, by noon i should have finished this bottle”… then rinse and repeat. You can also plan it as a part of your meals.

Have to agree with RITJared, just keep a water bottle with you at all times and make it a goal to utilize it. You are more likely to drink the water if it is right there by you wherever you go throughout the day.

Why do you want to encourage water intake, specifically?

Grapefruit seed extract

Yeah keeping a Nalgene bottle with you at all times is the best. Personally I like the baby ones (16 oz) since you arent taking around the weight of two bricks. Up to you though. I’ve seen a lot of diets work better this way because its easy to keep track of the water you intake. Plus with a bottle sitting right next to you during work, you’ll be more likely to drink that than coffee with too much sugar/creamer (like me) or hitting up the pop machine.

I admit to using gatorade powder in my water on lifting days… but usually about half as recommended since it has so much sugar. Water for running days.

dilute Accelerade.

Tech-tea. Cured me of my Diet Coke habit.

I make an entire pitcher of sugar free kool-aid and add about 4-6oz. to my Nalgene 32oz. and the rest water, this really tastes good and makes it easy to drink it all day long. I drink Accelerade or Surge during workouts, hope this helps…

[quote]ZEB wrote:
Why do you want to encourage water intake, specifically?[/quote]

For either of two reasons. If you’re trying to diet down, you’re interested in controlling water weight as well as fat. The best way to do that is convince your body that water is in abundance. It will oblige by keeping less of the stuff around.

The other reason it is a good idea to drink plenty of water is if you are planning to sweat plenty of sweat. You will perform better if you’re well hydrated.

[quote]ZEB wrote:
Why do you want to encourage water intake, specifically?[/quote]

I normally drink my water with lots of ice but I am starting to get bored with plain water so I wanted to see what others were doing.

I would recommend a simple approach: Get used to the taste of water and make the best of it. IMHO, this is the only way to maintain a high water intake for a prolonged period of time. Kind of like getting used to the taste of veggies, cottage cheese etc. After a while, you don’t even want the stuff to taste differently…