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What's in Your Kitchen?


(Besides your wife.)

So I got some money for Christmas and I think it'd be a good investment to buy some stuff for my kitchen.

So, what's some stuff that's in your kitchen you love/use often/couldn't do without?

What's some stuff in your kitchen you hate/regret buying/broke/etc...



Rice cooker.


Slow cooker.


Have: a good chef's knife, steel, hones
Want: good cookware, thinking about GreenPan; more knives


Ex wife took all that shit.
My new wish list:
Toaster oven
George Foreman grill


Egg poacher and recently, a hand blender!!


funny, we keep ours in the night stand


I actually heard these don't work that well...what's your take on the bullet of magic?

I have a crockpot, a forman, a grittle, a sink, a frige, a microwave...etc.


I have a magic bullet, parents have a magic bullet knockoff from Wal Mart. Not only is the Wal Mart one quite a bit better IMO, it's also cheaper.

Microwave egg poachers are pretty badass, most grocery stores sell them.


Blender is number one.
Slow Cooker (great for chilli)
Charcoal Grill outside (with propane ligher)
Get a great kitchen scissor
Deep Fryer (used for occasional cheat meal of fried shrimp and sweat potato french fries)

Food processor
New Knifes


Good knives, an outdoor grill if your current place of residence allows - if not the giant foreman with removable plates can make do, a good skillet/frying pan and a few good all purpose pots and pans.

Nice things to have include a crockpot, food processor, coffee maker, and a cofee grinder which I use to grind oats to put into shakes (works better than the blender IMO).


No one understood this.


generic magic bullet... and Lolz at the nightstand comment.
coffee grinder for flax and anything else dry.
A nice chef's knife is a good idea.
Cookie sheets/pyrex for cooking all my chicken and meats in the oven at once.
Big ass pot to cook whole chickens/turkeys and soups from that.
Lots of butter, i love bulking.

I love my foreman grill, but got a $20 one that only cooks 3-4 medium breasts. Get a big one if you cook your own meats, saves electricity too. The foreman 360 looks nice.

Kinda depends on what your goals are really. When I cut I need more fiber so I HAVE to have my steam tray inside a big ass pasta pot. Looking at a crock pot though, might work the same.

Lots of spices and sea salt is a must for me, especially without all the sauces during a cut.

The most essential is my cheap all metal saute pan. I can cook meat perfectly if I can finish it in the oven for a minute. It heats up fast too, so it saves me time.


magic bullet
george foreman
t-fal pan (http://www.amazon.com/T-2dFal-Giant-Family-Fry-Black/dp/B000FA77XS) the best pans I've ever used

toaster oven
stand mixer


Cast iron skillet. 90% of the meals I cook for myself come out of it.


it seems like a lot of people have the magic bullet. is it easy to clean?(this seems to be the biggest pain w/ blenders) also, is it big enough to make a 1000 cal shake in?


I need a decent food processor so I can cut down considerably on prep time. Nothing is more awesome than chopping onions real fast but it eventually takes up too much time when prepping a lot of other stuff.

Magic bullet is alright but there are a lot of better mini blenders that let you take your shake on the go. I tried the new GNC one and it's pretty sick but I've heard a lot of issues where the motor suddenly dies.

Don't get a green pan. A solid stainless steel pan will always trump one. I like cast iron but they're a little more difficult to take care of, but you'll be a hefty price for enameled cast iron. To minimize cleaning, I just cook everyday for the day (or week) all at once so I only have to clean it once. Yeehaw!


Thanks everyone...

Keep the ideas comin' if you've got 'em.

Also, if any of you know any particular places where they'd have good deals on shit like this, please give me some ideas. IE, kohls? Would it be worth looking around amazon for stuff? Think it'd still be worth it after shipping? I'd imagine shipping a heavy pot/pan set, or a crock pot might be kind of expensive, no?


Gorge Forman grill
Black and deck steamer
Slow cooker
Chopping boards
Chiefs knife


Amazon usually has free shipping on most orders over $25 so that shouldn't be an issue. Most department stores carry some nice knives, pots and pans, and the other stuff mentioned and if they are having a sale you might be able to get a good deal on it. You could also try bed bath and beyond or similar store.


I think Amazon is awesome solely because of the system they have in place. You can easily research products and read hundreds of reviews. I've been using it to make a decision on my new mini-blender. I also used it to buy my new hand vacuum.

If you really need a new cookware set, you can't beat the stainless steel set by Cuisinart. 1/10th of the cost of All Clad (I love this brand but it's $1000 for a proper set) and it has rave reviews. Hopefully I'm not being condescending, but there's a learning curve with using stainless steel since food sticking to the pans is usually a lack of cooking knowledge/skill rather than the actual pan.