▶️ What's In Your Gym Bag? 8 Fit Pros Show Us

Dump out your gym bag and show us what you carry to the gym. That’s what we asked our experts to do. Check out their show-and-tell videos.

Here are links to the stuff inside each of the fit pro’s gym bags:

00:00 Tanner Shuck’s Gym Bag
00:58 Chris Shugart’s Gym Bag
02:48 Gareth Sapstead’s Gym Bag
04:55 Merrick Lincoln’s Gym Bag
06:29 Dani Shugart’s Gym Bag
09:18 Andrew Coates’s Gym Bag
10:48 Nick Tumminello’s Gym Bag
12:58 Christian Thibaudeau’s Gym Bag

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