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Whats in Your Garage Gym?

Storing implements and bumper plates on dollies … simple, but GENIUS!

Thanks man. It’s like my one big contribution to the garage gym world, haha.

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Completely jealous of all the flooring in these pics.

DB 41 rack
Standard bar
35lb bar
45 lb bar
Axle homemade
Trap bar
EZ curl
Stnd DB handles numerous
A few fixed DB
Fat DB handles homemade
Adjust DB
1,000+ lbs of plates
Flat bench
Adj bench
Cable machine with seated leg press I don’t have reassembled yet
Treadmill (in storage for now)
Power tower
Big tire
Little tire
T handle homemade
Pull sled homemade


I started building my home gym in 2008. I started with a cheap 1" bar and abour 200lbs in plates from Walmart and Canadian Tire.

In 2009 I got serious and added a second hand rack and tpb I got for $400. At the same time, I picked up over 800lbs in plates for $100 from a strength coach I met here that lived on the other side of Toronto.

Our gym is in our basement which is a stone foundation house 125 years old. It’s cold in the winter and wet in the summer. One of the reasons we chose this house was that even though the house is old the basement has sufficient clearance for our rack. I’ve had the rack for 11 years now. It’s old and kind of clunky. Every now and then we consider replacing it with something new and fancier but most are too tall and really, it does what we need it to do.

Since then we’ve added:
Angle grip swiss bar
Chrome bar
Farmers walk bars (hand welded)
Viking press handle(hand welded)
T-bar row handle (hand welded)
Deadlift Jack (hand welded)
Landmine attachment (hand made)
Olympic DB handles
Chalk bowl (gift)
Lifting platform
Bench blox
Bench boards
Plate tree
Dip stand
Reverse hyper
Dip belt
a shit ton of belts
knee and wrist wraps
Various suits and bench shirts from my equipped days
Flat bench retrofitted to meet competition dimensions and upholstered in suede. The suede makes it awesome for not sliding.


These are badass, and have given me way more ideas than I thought I needed.

Here’s my little rinky setup. I’m limited by the single car garage, but I’m figuring it out as I go.

also +1 to @T3hPwnisher for the almost comically clean home gym. That thing looks unused.

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In fairness, I took the photo after having just assembled it after having moved to that location. Took 2 full days to figure out the layout.

Oh I’m sure. It’s a puzzle getting garages together. I actually just arranged mine to the photo, and had my weight tree on the right hand side. Put the 500lbs of weights on it. Put the bar in it. The bar couldnt clear the shelf. Had to tear it all down and move it to the other side of the garage. Good times

1 kettlebell and a Slayer flag.

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Jesus. You guys have actual gyms…in your houses!

I have a really nice multi-position pull-up bar out back.
A set of 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 Kg rubber hex dumbbell pairs.
A bunch of resistance bands.
A 30 Kg weighted vest.
A TRX and a pair of gymnast rings out back too.

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150 sq ft of jiu jitsu mats
Adjustable bench
50 lb adjustable dumbbells
50 lb kettlebell
Spin lock DB and BB set with around 200 lbs of weights


I’m pretty minimalist:

Squat rack with barbell and 360 lbs of plates (need more, even for my weak self) and bench
DB’s up to 60 lbers (want to add 75 lbers)
Trap bar
1 35 lb KB (want to add a heavier one)
Accessories: Fat Gripz, neck harness, ab roller

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CL, check out the rubber 4 x 8 foot sheet barn flooring at Tractor Supply. A bargain.

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I have three of the smaller ones from TSC. I just need to pick some more up, thanks for reminding me. I think they may be on sale right now.

Since we are all here, maybe some of you can give your opinion. I need to do more direct glute work. IF you were going to build something ( ya know, just cause you want to see if you can) you would build a reverse hyper that fits on your rack, or GHD? What do y’all think would be the most bang for the buck?

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Depending on how you do it the reverse hyper would be very few parts- a solid pendulum mounted on square tube, plywood, padding, fabric, etc. Big bang for the buck.

But a GHD would also just be a bunch of square tube cut, drilled and welded. Some padding and whatnot, but certainly not beyond your skills or ability.

That’s a tough one. Really depends on how much time and effort you want to put in to it.


Without a doubt the reverse hyper would be easier to build.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I’ve been toying with setting up a detachable cable system in my rack constructed with pulleys from Home Depot.

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We want pics when you get finished! Sounds interesting. I have a cable attachment I wish I could give you. You could use the parts.

I have owned a GHR, reverse hyper, and a bolt on RH.

The bolt on was such a pain in the ass to set up I never used it.

Between a stand alone GHR and a reverse hyper, I would go RH 100% of the time, but between a bolt on RH and a GHR (assuming you have to set up the RH every time), I would go GHR.

Okay. Thank you for your help.