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Whats in Your Garage Gym?

Not really off topic but just wondering what you guys who have garage gyms have got? If you dont have one, i cant recommend how much you need one if lifting is , and will continue to be a massive part of your life!

My gym is small , not much room, and very low so i have to press outside . . . .

What i have

  • Strength Shop Garage Cage (with multi grip pullup bar attached)
  • Trap Bar
  • Football Bar (Think some people call it Swiss Bar)
  • 37.5kg in plates ( 2x10kg,5kg,2.5kg,1.25kg (i call these biscuits) )
  • 200KG in 20KG plates ( I call wheels)
  • Adjustable Bench (Flat > 90degrees)
  • Lifting Blocks
  • Assault Bike (Used mainly for warm ups rather than cardio tbh)
  • 2x Adjustable Dumbells (Increment from 2KG to 40KG in 2KG increments)
  • Towel (for pullups)
  • Wrist Roller (i enjy training forearms)
  • SONY GTK-XB5 - after the plates and barbell this was 3rd Must have , cant workout in silence!
  • Heavy Bag (Hang it from the rack when needed)

My next purchase will be a SSB

One day i will extend my garage for more space when i do i want to purchase the following

  • Seal Row Bench
  • GHD
  • Reverse Hyper Machine
  • Some sort of Cable attachment machine that can be loaded with plates

EDIT - I would also love to have a matted area so i could do some sparring/rolling at home too

Easier to just share pictures








Do you know what brand your rack is? I’ve got the same one, and while not a huge deal to know, I’ve always been curious.

Thats epic brother! Damn i wish i had a garage that big, UK Houses are fucking tiny!

P.S get yourself a new sound system haha

EDIT - In work atm, will post a pic when im on my phone, but its so cramped its hard to get a good pic

Had it since 8th grade. No plans to change it out.

But I did actually add a Titan rackable trap bar and a Bartos power keg, and they are awesome.

It’s a NewYorkBarbells/TDS rack. Got it in 08, when they were like the only game in town. Still awesome.

You seen the Kabuki Trap Bar, that doubles up as its own Bar Jack? Pretty gucci , but does the same job as a normal one at the end of the day . . .

Saw it. Had no interest. I wanted something I could press as well as pull.

What stops you from pressing it?

It does off single leg work too , but not quite worth the price tag IMO

Does not appear rackable from what I saw.

true … ive only ever seen people pressing it from blocks … and i see none of those in your gym. . . but you have everything else i want so i am indeed jealous of your set up

Ah nice. Mine was a craigslist find, no plans on “upgrading” since it seems to do the job just fine.

To add substance to the thread, here’s a quick timeline of my home gym since I picked it up:

The only photo I could find that shows it in my old apartment, with a friend demonstrating proper use of the equipment of course:

Once I moved into a house with a garage, it had a very temporary stay in there before being moved to the basement:

This was the second iteration of the basement set up, I don’t have a photo of the first. It was just at the bottom of the staircase where the photo was taken from rather than the end of the house:

And now the current set up:


Do basement gyms count?


Despite the kick ass setup, I gotta say I’m still most envious of the doors.


what is the make of your pulley? Sweet set up . . .

UK Houses/Garages - are so tiny, and im yet to see one with a basement!

Ya, they’re pretty sweet. Custom made by a friend of ours. We have a matching bar on the other side that hasn’t been setup yet.

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I actually just got that. It’s a valor fitness piece. They have a stand-alone model for about $600, but I opted for the cheaper version that mounts into the wall.

Off the top of my head
Titan x3 short rack
Mono lift attachment
Trap bar
Rogue tb 1 trap bar
Texas power bar
Swiss bar
Axle bar
Ez curl bar
Buffalo bar
Yoke ssbar
Several dumbbells and adjustable handles
80lbs of chains
Kettle bell handle
Full set of bands
3 different height boxes
York adjustable bench
1 utility bench
1 rogue utility bench with Thomson fat pad
Lat pull down

1500lbs of plate weight from 2.5 to 2 100lbs plates.

Along with a few other odds and ends


Power rack
About 325kg of oly weights
Olympic barbell
EZ bar
Hammer curl bar
Swiss bar
Seated lever row machine
Thick strongman handle
Various resistance bands
Homemade club bell
Homemade adjustable kb handle
Cable system perched on top of power rack
Tricep rope

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Power rack, bench, bars, trap bar, dumbells and lots of plates and a yoga mat.

To paraphrase George Gershwin “who could ask for anything more”

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