What's in Your Fish Oil?

Thought I’d share this article I came across while reading the news. It talks about a suit in California due to 10 supplement companies knowingly allowing high level of PCB’s to contaminate the fish oil they sell. Moral of the story, don’t think that just because the bottle says treated for contaminates doesn’t mean it is treated to acceptable levels.

Now before anyone goes apeshit on this thread I’m not saying don’t take fish oil, I still take fish oil and don’t plan on stopping but people have a right to know if the product their buying is misleading them into thinking it’s been purified to acceptable levels. Flameout wasn’t mentioned anywhere so hopefully we’re good there. :wink:


I read this in the newspaper recently and wrote down the site, but never actually got around to it. Thanks for the link.

I only fuck with Carlson’s …Them Norwegians know their shit when it comes to fish oil.