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What's In Your Easter Basket?


What did any of you get for this holiday?

I got unsalted cashews, $25 iTunes music card, Salmon Oil capsules (she knows I'm out of Flameout), and a 2-ounce dark chocolate rabbit.


I got some dark chocolate, green tea, Kashi cereal (gotta love the Kashi cereal), and some unsalted almonds. Happy easter everyone.



ummm, I haven't gotten anything YET! Maybe I'll have a surprise when my hubbie gets home from work--probably not. But if he brings me to the store and lets me pick it out---the "30 Seconds to Mars" cd--that's what I would like! :slight_smile: Happy Easter everyone!


Some candy, some money, and a big bag of beef steak nuggets.. Hell yes.


Working a night shift.


We're supposed to get something for Easter? Well, I didn't get anything.

Happy Easter

P.S. Maybe someone will send me a tub of Grow! or a bottle of Spike or Flameout.


my mom got me a couple of protein bars some dried fruit gift cards to mcdonalds even though she knows i dont eat there but she threw in a nutritional facts sheet also..and and some wheat thins


Hey, at least she was thinking of YOU!


Your mom has an excellent sense of humour. I eat the Grilled Bacon Ranch salad there. I bring my own dressing though.

\|/ 3Toes


Uh, I got nothing too, ya know.


you got something---and your getting a lil something when ya get home too! :slight_smile:


A Choc egg with lots of little eggs in this green stuff that's supposed to look like grass. The big eggs nice, the little eggs taste like brown margarine.


Sweet. Happy Easter!!!!


I got a broken toe.

It's a dazzling blue/red/purple combo and about the size of an easter egg, so I do feel mildly festive when I look at it.

Could be the narcotics though.



They sure do help. Happy Easter anyway Sab.


A lump of coal.


I got a rock.


You must have been naughtier than I was. And that's a hard thing to do.


G/F gave me all types of Snickers...

Mmmm.. Mmmm.... Snickers


I got a ton of Lindt dark chocolate. It will last me for a while!