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What's in The Beef?

So, I usually buy the more expensive 93% lean ground beef at the grocery store, more for the taste than because I’m worried about the fat. Well, the other day I’m in there and they had a ridiculous sale on the regular 80% ground chuck, so I bought two pounds of that, and had planned on mixing it with my regular 93%, hoping the taste would fall somewhere in the middle.

I got home, and glanced at the nutrition facts, realizing I had never really paid attention to the gram for gram fat difference between the two beefs. I look at the fat, and per 4oz, it was like 7 grams for the lean and 19 or so for the regular. Ok, no problem, cool. I then glanced down at the protein content, fully expecting it to be slightly higher for the lean (duh, given that there is less fat) and there were 13 (!) grams of protein per 4oz of lean, where there was 20 grams per 4oz of the regular!

I looked at the usda food composition website, and they didn’t show any difference in protein content of 93 and 80% lean. Is my grocery store putting shit in my meat?? Has anyone seen the same thing?

someone messed up the package of the lean stuff unless its got other ingreds in it simple take the total calories subtract the fat calories and whats left should be protein divide that by 4 and you got your protein grams

Glancing at my package of 94% lean its 22g for 4 oz