What's Happening? (Plateau)

Just a quick question about weight plateau.

What is actually happening to the body when you train hard but don’t gain or lose weight. I read that you can’t gain muscle and lose fat and vice versa, but my body composition is getting much better yet my weight has stayed the same for the last 2 months.

My lifts have all increased, I am training low reps, high weight.

Your nervous system is becoming more efficient. The motor patterns you have practiced (by doing them) are being ingrained in your nervous system and your body is thus able to do them more efficiently (recruit more motor units, stronger stabilizer muscles etc). Also probably some myofibrilar hypertrophy (your muscles are becoming denser) and a little fat loss.

Thanks for the response man, I’ve been out of the gym for a while. I’m back down to 155, but I managed to DL 350x2 and almost squat 300 after 2 months which I attribute to my CNS.

Is training at a maintained weight useless as far as aesthetics are concerned?

I need to eat more.