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What's Good to Eat Before Bed?


I am wondering what are some healthy snacks/meals to eat before bed. I eat 4 to 5 meals a day. I dont know if some things are good. Is fruit a good idea? I have been eating a ham/turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with milk.


No, fruit is not a good idea. Nor is the bread and milk. I'd personally go with a slow digesting protein source (micellar casein), fish oil, and some natural PB (sometimes not if I'm in a strict fat loss phase).


Yeah, stay away from the carb sources when you're going to bed.

PB and a protein shake works well for me.


Fat and protein, man. Fat and protein.

My preference is a shake w/ 2 tbsp of olive oil maybe an hour before bed.
PB and fish oil would certainly work, too. Try a bunch of things and see what works for you.
Also, avoid milk before bed; although it's not high glycemic, it's going to raise insulin levels, which you don't want elevated before bed.


cottage cheese


I usually eat chicken then take fish oil and flaxseed right before bed


yep, a piece of meat, usually hamburger, and fish oil for me


Like the ghoul said, healthy fats and slow digesting proteins.

I have a Metabolic Drive shake with whatever healthy fat(s) I feel like that night.

BTW here's an article TC wrote about the topic.



What is the best type of peanut butter to buy? Do you put the peanut butter on anything or just eat it out of the jar?


I found the natural peanut butter at the store to be great. Be careful and check the labels, 'cause the so-called "Natural" jars actually have tons of bullshit. I get the one that just lists something to the effect of "ground peanuts, salt," and very little else. I actually found a jar of "healthy" peanut butter with High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. What bullshit!!

Be sure you check it before you buy it.


I use Smuckers all natural PB and eat it out of the jar with 2 stalks of celery about 30min-hour before bed, so far so good.


I have a Metabolic Drive Complete shake with a serving of Flameout


Just get the crunchy natural stuff. Like the other guy said, should be like 0 more ingredients than peanuts, salt. And stuff tasted 10x better than the typical manufactured crap.

I just eat it out of the jar.

Cottage Cheese is good stuff for pre-sleep food.


A steak is great eats pre-bed.

I save the Metabolic Drive for middle of the night snack.


I read a thread on here before about eating natural peanut butter mixed with cottage cheese. I tried it and loved it.


I'll go for any of the following:

Met Drive shake and spoon nat peanut butter (or some fish oil caps)

Cottage cheese and cashews

Oreos and milk :slight_smile: (hey, I earned it! I train damn hard!)