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What's Going Wrong Here?

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the top of the deadlift the past 2 months. Once I get it past the knees I start shaking A LOT. My friend suggested doing some heavy rack pulls and get that part of the deadlift stronger.
Here’s a video of my 260kg attempt.

Anyone got any suggestions of other exercises I could do to bust through this plateau?


I already posted this one but thought it didn’t work. Already got another thread open for this one. Sorry

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You pull like a buddy of mine at my gym, lots of back and hammy, no ass (but he can use it squatting, so its still working)…
Your ass and lats are the lockout kings, hammies some too, but not as much. Im not sure your dimensions but it looks like you start pretty rounded over. Got any videos submax or from the side?

I know its heavy, but the more you round over (im mostly wondering how the lower half of the back looks) the farther you will have to fight over the force of your own body, plus the weight. the lats and glutes are also at a disadvantage in that rounded over position (which im still assuming you have?)

Sorry I couldnt be of more help. if you have a second vid or a side angle def throw it up here

You’re struggling at the top because you get bent in half at the start and can’t recover. At the point where the bar stops, your back is completely rounded and you don’t have a shot of locking it out. As VTTrainer said this is a very disadvantageous position and your body’s mechanics are working against each other.

StormTheBeach said this in another thread and it’s pretty much the best analogy I’ve heard on the subject:

Your upper back transfers all of the energy that your lower body is producing into the bar. When it gets rounded like that, you’re losing a lot of that energy. For example, what hurts worse, getting hit by a foam noodle or getting hit my a baseball bat? Your back works the same way.

To fix this, you should really do some heavy upper back work. Shrugs, pin pulls might help, pulldowns, rows. Then you should also figure out how to use your legs to drive the bar off the floor.