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What's going on?

I has my bodyfat tested with calipers two days ago in the morning right after waking up without eating or drinking a thing, I had a 3-set and a 4-set test done and on one my bodyfat was 11.1% and the other was 8.9%, so I figure that I am around 10% at my current size (6’ 178 pounds), however for some reason I still do not look shredded, I am eating right, 2400 calories a day over 6 meals, drinking at least 2 gallons of water and working out right why can’t I get shredded?

What was your bodyweight and estimated bodyfat % when you began trying to get shredded and how long ago was that? Approximately what is the macronutrient breakdown of your diet? carbs, protein, fat?

Are you on a diet to get lean? Because if you’re only consuming 2,400 calories at 6’1", 178lbs, then you are not eating enough! I normally consume much more than that when I’m not trying to get lean, and I’m only 5’4".

If I am not mistaken you will probably have to get down to something more like 6 or 7 percent before you look shredded. I know some of the people on this board even get down to 5% in the quest for shreddation.

I had a similar experience, and even our numbers are roughly the same. I’m just over 6’. Last year around early August, hydrostatic weighing put me at 10.1% at 180 pounds. By late September, I was 6.0% at 174 pounds. There was a profound improvement in definition and vascularity from 10% to 6%. That may be common knowledge to most on the forum, but to me it was learning experience – as I didn’t look very impressive at 10%, I was discouraged. I was afraid I’d have to get down to some impossibly low BF before I looked ripped. In fact, I was only some five or six pounds of fat away from significant improvement. BTW, I too was eating about 1900 to 2400 calories a day over six meals and drinking a lot of water. Be encouraged.